Gwyddoniadur Cymreig

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John Parry
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Page 153 - Redowbtede prince Henry theyght by the grace of God Kynge of Englande, Fraunce and Irelande defender of the faythe And of the Churche of Englande and alfo of Irela«de in erthe the fuprcame Hedde be al profperitye in continuall honour." This dedication extends over three pages, and concludes : " Youre poore and humble fubiecte Wyllyam Salefburye.
Page 153 - A Dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe moche necessary to all suche Welshemen as wil spedly learne the englyshe tōgue thought vnto the kynges maiestie very mete to be sette forthe to the vse of his graces subiectes in Wales : Wherevnto is p'fixed a litle treatyse of the englyshe pronuciacion of the letters, by Wyllyam Salesbury.
Page 286 - Threat'ning the world with famine, plague, and war ; To princes, death ; to kingdoms, many crosses ; To all estates, inevitable losses ; To herdsmen, rot ; to ploughmen, hapless seasons ; To sailors, storms ; to cities, civil treasons.
Page 154 - Imprinted at London, by Henry Denham, at the costes and charges of Humphrey Toy, dwelling in Paules Church yarde, at the sign of the Helmet. Cum privilegio ad imprimendum solum. Anno 1567. Octob. 7.
Page 154 - Christ. Gwedy ei dynnu, yd y gadei yr ancyfiaith, "air yn ei gylydd or Groec a'r Llatin, gan newidio ffurf llythyreu y gairiae-dodi.
Page 154 - Englysh man shall not onely wyth ease reade the sayde tongo rightly : but marking the same wel, it shal be a meane for hym wyth one labour to attayne to the true pronounciation of other expedient and most excellent languages. Set forth by VV.
Page 154 - A little Treatise of the English pronunciation of the Letters. London, 1547." "From this Dictionary and Treatise", adds Wood, "Dr. John Davies obtained many materials when he was making his Dictionarium Britannico-Latinum." " A plain and familiar Introduction, teaching how to pronounce the letters in the British Tongue, now commonly called Welsh. London, 1567." " Battery of the Pope's Bottereux, commonly called
Page 152 - ni adawodd Rhagluniaeth iddo ymrwymo am ei oes yn ngwasanaeth y gyfraith ac elw bydol. Gadawai y rhai hyn i Ddemas a'i deulu, a dychwelodd i fyw ar ei etifeddiaeth yn ngwlad ei enedigaeth. Helaethrwydd ei wybodaeth, a dyfnder ei ddysg mewn llawer o ieithoedd, a wnaeth i oreugwyr a dysgedigion ei wlad edrych arno gyda pharch a charedigrwydd. Os efe a gyfansoddodd y Rhagymadrodd o flaen ei ' Egluryn Ffraethineb,
Page 220 - Ilium, once a prosperous city, to the empires of Assyria, Media, and Persia, the greatest of their time, and to Macedonia itself, the brilliance of which was so recent, either deliberately or the verses escaping him, he said : A day will come when sacred Troy shall perish, And Priam and his people shall be slain.
Page 111 - Yr wyt yn ei orchfygu ef yn dragywydd, fel yr elo ymaith ; a chan newidio ei wyneb ef, yr wyt yn ei ddanfon ef i ffordd.

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