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Polly. Were you sentenc'd to transportation, sure,

my dear, you could not leave me behind you could u ?

Mac. Is there any power, any force that could tear me

- from

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O what pain it is to part!
Can I leave thee Can I leave thee 2
O what pain it is to part
Can thy Polly ever leave thee *
Butlest death my love should thwart,
And bring thee to the fatal cart,
Thus I tear thee from my bleeding heart
Fly hence, and let me leave thee.

farewel. Mac.

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- A C T II.
S C E N E, a Tavern near Newgate.
Jemmy Twitcher, Crook-finger'd Jack, Wat. Dreary,
Robin of Bagshot, Nimming Ned, Henry Paddington,
Matt. of the Mint, Ben Budge, and the rest of the gang,
at the table, with wine, brandy, and tobacco.

UT, pr’ythee, Matt, what is become of thy brother
Tom I have not seen him fince my return from


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