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This way, and that way, and which way I will, What would comfort the one, t'other wife would take ill.

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When he holds up his hand arraign'd for his life
O think of your daughter, and think I’m his wife'
What are cannons or bombs, or clashing of swords !
For death is more certain by witnesses words.
Then nail up their lips, that dread thunder allay;
And each month of my life will hereafter be May.

Lock. Macheath's time is come, Lucy.—We know

our own affairs, therefore let us have no more whimpering or whining.

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Peach. Set your heart at rest, Polly. Your husband is to die to-day.—Therefore, if you are not already provided, 'tis high time to look about for another. There’s comfort for you, you slut.

Lock. We are ready, Sir, to condućt you to the Old


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If thus---a man can die
Much bolder with brandy.
- [Pours out a bumper of brandy.

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Since laws were made for ev'ry degree,

To curb vice in others, as well as in me,

I wonder we han’t better company
Upon Tyburn tree

But gold from law, can take out the sting;

And if rich men like us were to swing,

'Twould thin the land, such numbers to string
Upon Tyburn tree.

jailor. Some friends of yours, Captain, desire to be admitted. I leave you together.

Enter Ben Budge, and Mat of the Mint.

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fortune---But 'tis what we must all come to. - Mac,

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