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A I R XXX. Sawney was tall, and of noble race.

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Nature, girl, is not to be correóted at once. What do

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AIR XXXII. Amante fugitte cadente belta.

Fine women are devils, complete in their way,
They always are roving and cruising for prey.
When we flounce on their hook, their views they obtain,
Like those too their pleasure is giving us pain.

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The world is always jarring;
This is pursuing
T'other man’s ruin,
Friends with friends are warring,
In a false cowardly way.
Spurr'd on by emulations,
Tongues are engaging,
Calumny raging,
Murders reputations,
Envy keeps up the fray.
Thus, with burning heat,
Each, returning hate, * -
Wounds and robs his friends. * *
In civil life, - -
Even man and wife * *

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fen. He really is a mighty pretty man. [Aftle. Pan. The lad promises well, and has just notions of the world.

Mor. Whatever other great men do, I love to encou

rage merit. The youth pleases me; and if he answers in ačtion—Do you hear me, my lad 2 your fortune is made. Now, Lieutenant Vanderbluff, I am for you. Pan. Discipline must not be neglected. Mor. When everything is settled, my dear Jenny, I will return to take my leave. After that, young gentleman, I shall try yourmettle. In the mean time, Jenny, I leave you to fift him with farther questions. He has lived in the world, you find, and may have learnt to be treacherous. . [Exit with the rest of the Pirates. jen. How many women have you ever ruined, young

gentleman? - - . . . . . Poly.

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