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Poh. Our hearts are all ready. The enemy halts, Let the trumpets give the fignal.

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Pir our chief demands a parley. * * * Poh. Let him advance.

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Mor. Fall on.
Poh. For your lives and liberties. *
[Fight, Pirates beat off.

- Enter Ducat.
Duc. A slight wound now would have been, a good

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again upon us, after they are run away 2 For my own

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out this privilege, we should have fewer good chara&ters


the world than we have,

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The soldiers, who by trade must dare
The deadly cannon's sounds,
You may be sure, betimes prepare
For fatal blood and wounds.
The men, who with advent’rous dance,
Bound from the cord on high,
Must own they have the frequent chance
By broken bones to die.
Since rarely then - - J
Ambitious men,
Like others, lose their breath ;
Like these, I hope,
They know a rope
Is but their natural death.

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