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Sir William Worthy. - -
Patie, the Gentle Shepherd, in love with Peggy.
Roger, a rich young Shepherd, in love with jenny.
Symon and Glaud, two old Shepherds, Tenants to
Sir William. -
Bauldy, a Hind, engaged with Neps.

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SCENE, a Shepherd's Pillage and Field; some few Miles from Edinburgh.

Time of Aëtion, within Twenty Hours.

First Aét begins at Eight in the Morning.
Second Aét begins at Eleven in the Forenoon.
Third Aét begins at Four in the Afternoon.
Fourth Aét begins at Nine o’Clock at Night.
Fifth Aét begins by Day-light next Morning.


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Patie and Roger.
S ANG I. Tune, The waking of the faulds.

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