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The ames and Sigoatures of Correspondents are distinguished by Small
Capitals or Italics : as different Correspondents have often adopted the same signature,
some ambiguity in the references will unavoidably arise; but this is an inconvenience
necessarily attached to anonymous communications.



American, An, his observations on

Bishop Marsh's celebrated Ques.
4.'s inquiry into the operation of Mr. tions,

Brougham's Edacation Bill as far Amphlett, Mr,, his letter to Rev. T.

as regards the Protestant Dissenters,

25. His Matin and Vesper Hymns,

Ancient church wardens' accounts,

49, 50, 179, 367,

422 Anecdote, copied from an American
4. C, on a parochial register at Be.


thersden, Kent, 476. Ön miracles, 585 Anecdate of a Dissenting Minister,
Acontius, or Aconzio, account of,

594. Of Judge Jeffries,

(note,) 456, 517. His Stratage Apocryphal New Testament, The,
mata Satanæ,
456 reviewed,

Address of the Presbyterian Com Apostropbe to a deceased friend, sup-

mittees of Dublin and Belfast tu posed to be uttered at his tomb,
the Presbyterians of Ireland and Aristotle's hymn in praise of virtue, 658
Scotland, and to the Friepds of Arnold, Mr., his two letters from
Religion of all Denominations, 624 Indiana,

4. E.'s proposal for Christian union, 210 Ashworth, Mr., on the annual meet-
Agreement of Quakers and Unita ing of the Methodist Unitarians of

468 Rochdale, &c., 425. His appeal in
Aikin, 'Mrs. Charles, obituary of,

behalf of the Unitarian chapel at
623. Funeral service for, 649. Padiham, 426. Letter to, 527
Conclusion of a funeral sermon for, 649 Asia, literature of,

Aikin, Miss Mary, obituary of, 693 Aspland, Mr., his letter to the Editor
Alexander, Emperor, conference of of the Times, on the late Rev. Dr.
the, with three Quakers,

701 Lindsay's supposed approbation of
A. Mi's hymn to the Deity,

51 Mr. Brougham's Education Bill, 183
America, eulogy on, 116. Spread of Astley, Mr., on the completion of the
Unitarianism in, 117, 323, 349,

monument to Dr. Thomson, 24
486, 576. Public affairs, &c., of, Athanasian Creed, the, remarks on,
192, 380, Literature of, 243, 309. 143. Inquiry respecting the, 296
Religion-Temper of the different Atkins's Voyage to Guínea, extract
sectsAnecdotes of, 485. Fatal from,

duel in,

632 Atonement, the, on the discussion of



the doctrine of, 111. Statement of Bonnycastle, Jobn, Esq., obituary of, 369
the doctrine of, 612. Wright's Book of Enocb the Prophet, The,
Essay on, reviewed,


general character and merits of,
Attempt to prop up the credit of 1 Book-Worn, No. XXVI.,
John v. 8,

446 Bourdeaux, baptism of the Duke de, 379
Audiguier's Epistle to M. Grégoire, 38 BOWRING, Mr., bis correction of a
Aulaire, M. St., his testimony to the mis-statement relative to the Xi-

innocence of the Protestants of the menes' Polyglott MSS.,
South of France, 672. His descrip Bowring's Specimens of the Russian
tion of the present condition of, 679 Poets, critical notice of,

Bretland's, Rev. Joseph, Sermons, re-

viewed, 41. Kennaway's Memoirs

of, 42. On the life and writings


Breti, Mr. George, biographical sketch
B.'s tribute to Jeremy Bentham, 180.

His lines on the death of Queen Brevis's brief notes on the Bible,
Caroline, 555. On zeal for specu-


Jative or for practical preaching,

660 Bridel, M. J. Louis, obituary of, 315
Bailly's History of Astronomy, eulogy Brighton, Dr. Morell's Sermon at the
on Newton, from,

450 Opening of the New-Road Chapel
Baptism, questions to Unitarians on, 533 at, reviewed,

Baptist sucieties, original letter of the Bristol, Bishop of, the conclusion of
late Robert Robinson's, for the use bis Charge to his Clergy,


15 Bristol Observer, copy of a letter from
Bar-Jesus, on the case of, 12, 103, the,


218 British Review, Mr. James Yates on
Baylie, Rev. Thomas, some account an article in the


579 Brougham's, Mr., Education Bill,
Belsham's, Mr., arguments for civil inquiry into the operation of, as far

establishments of religion, on, 77. as regards the Protestant Dissenters,
Mr. Amphlett's letter to, 347. Un-

25. Resolutions of the Protestant
charitable spirit of Dr. J. P. Smith Society on, 57. Of the Protestant
towards, 637,715. His illustration Dissenting Ministers on, 62, 186.

of his Sermon upon the Creation, 712 Observations, &c., on, reviewed,
Benedict, St., passages extracted from 113. Mr. B.'s reasons for delaying

the Rule of, respecting commu the bringing forward bis Education
nity of goods, (note,) 93. Re-


specting labour, (note,)

94 Browne's Pastorals, extract from,
BENBVOLUS on the uncharitable spirit (note,

of Dr. J. P. Smith towards Mr. Browne, Rev. S. w., his funeral ser-
Belsham, 637,

715 vice for Mrs. C. Aikin, 649. Con-
Bennett's Support of the Christian clusion of his funeral sermon for, 649
Ministry, reviewed,
683 Bryan, Mr, M., obituary of,

Benson, Dr., on the Schism Act, 221 BUNCLE, JOHN, on the “ Erange-
Benson, Rev. Joseph, obituary of, 181 lical" spirit not a Protestant spirit, 713
Bentham, Jeremy, tribute to, 180 Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, on the
BERBanus on miracles,

463 character of Christian in, 16. Ob-
Bible, brief notes on the, 219, 525 servations on, 72. Suggestions for
Biblg-ONLY.CHRISTIAN, A, on opi. a corrected edition of, 74,

nions of orthodoxy,

703 Burney, Rear-Admiral, F. R, S., obi-
Bible Society, French translation of tuary of,

the Bible adopted by the, 584 Busher's Religions Peace, extract
Birmingham oid and New Meeting from,

Sunday-School Tract Society, plan Busk, Mrs. Martha, obituary of, 490
and rules of the,

564 Butcher, Rev. Edmund, congrega-
Blake, Rev. William, obituary of, 123. tional tribute to,

Memoir of,

262 BUTCHER, Mr., on a letter from the
Blencowe, Mr. James, obituary of, 370 Back Settlements of America, 346.
B. M, on Mr. S. Kingsford's fiftieth. On the History of Dissenting
year sermon, 159. On the Scottish Churches,

Unitarian Christian Association an Butler's, Dr., Charge to the Clergy of
niversary, 497. His obituary of the Archdeaconry of Derby, re-
the Rev. Stephen Philpot, 560, Of viewed, 549. His character of the
Mrs. Anna Pay,
689 late Dr. Outram,


Butler's llistorical Memoirs of En. Christiav, on the appellation of, 477

glish Catholics, extract from, 575 Christian Observer, character of Chris.
Button, Rev. William, obituary of, 496 tophe, King of Hayti, from the, 288
Byron, Lord, his stanzas on the Italian Christian Recorder, on the prospectus

of the,

Christian Reflector, and Theological
Inquirer, The, reviewed,


Christian Remembrancer, memoran-
Caffyn, Mr. Peter, obituary of, 689 dums from Archbishop Potter, froin
Cailly, M., obituary of,
314 the,

Calcott, Dr., obituary of,

370 Christian Tract Society, its anniver-
Camden, Lord, anecdote of,

230 sary, 189. Testimony to the, 204
CANTAB, on the Athanasian Creed, Christian union, proposal for, 210

296. On the Geneva Unitarians, 358 Christophe, late King of Hayti, cha-
CANTABRIGIENSIS on innovations racter of,

ainongst Disseaters,

157 Chronique Religieuse, extracts from,
Capital punishments, on the frequency 192, 245,


8 Chareh of England, the, necessity of
Cappe, Mrs. Catharine, obituary of, a reformation in, 23. Secession
494. On the character of, 518. from,

Wellbeloved's Serinon on the Death Civil power, on the patronage of reli-
of, reviewed, 546. Prayers found gion by the,

anjongst her papers after her de Claggett, Rev. Nicholas, account of, 666
cease, 547.

Lines on the death of, 619 Clarke, Mr. James Taylor, obituary of, 250
Cardale's, lale Rev. Paul, Diary and CLARKE, Mr., on ex tempore religious
Manuscripts, inquiry respecting, 527 services,

Carliles, treatment of the,

667 Claude on the incarnation of Christ, 717
Carpenter's, Dr., “ Examination of Claylon's, Rev. G., Warning Voice,
Bishop Ma gee," reviewed, 109, 169, reviewed,

238, 299, 359. His character of Clayton's, Rev. J.,Jun., Foveral Ser-

Dr. Priestley, 300. Of Philo, 301 mon for the Queen, reviewed, 550
Carslake, John, Esq., his letter to Clayton's, Sir R., monument to Mr.
Rev. E. Butcher,


Firmin, inquiry respecting, 448
Catholic Bill, failure of the, 254 Clergymen compellable to marry un-
Celibacy, virtue of,

baptized persons,

Chalmers, Dr., on effecting religious Clerical subscriptions, the late Rev.

594 John Hornbrook's letter on, ib.
Chandler, Dr. S., his original letters CLEBICUS on Thomas's exclamation, 289
to Mr. John Fox,

697 Clogher, Bishop of, on the incarna-
Charles the First' Pourtrayed, re tion of Christ,

viewed, 364. Notice of, 401 Cogan's, Mr., summary of the evi.
Charleston, history of the Unitarian dences of Christiauity, 1, 84. His
Churcb at,


presumptions in favour of Christi.
Charlesworth, Rev. John, M. A., obi. anity, 145. On miracles,

tuary of,

735 Commonwealth marriages, on, 218,
Charnock on the goodness of God 589. Reply,

in redemption,

716 Community of goods, inquiry respect-
Chatfeild, Robert, Esq., obituary of, 496 ing private property, and the au.
Christ. See Jesus Christ.

thority and perpetuity of the apos-
CHRISTIAN Associate, A, bis testi tolic institution of a, 88. Passages
mony to the Christian Tract So-

extracted from the Rule of St. Be-
204 nedict respecting, (note,)

Christian church, on the constitution Considerations on the Coronation
395 Oatb, reviewed,

Christian Disciple, extracts from the,

Constant Reader AND PURCHASBR,
323, 349, 418. Dr. Mayhew's A, on a congregational tribute to
opinions, from the,
332 Rev. E. Butcher,

Christian integrity, conclusion of a COOPBR, Mr., on Unitarianism in the
sermon on the excellence and re-

Potteries of Staffordshire,

ward of,

141 Cope, Rev. Dr., obituary of, 689
Christianity, summary of the evi Copernicus, monument to,

dences of, 1, 84. Not naturalism, 1 Cor. i. 30, critical remarks on, 611
18, 74. Requiring the patronage

Cornelius on the Divine influence,
of the civil power, 77. Negligence 18,

and inattention of men to, 116. Cornish, Mr., on Dissenting Minis.
Presumptions in favour of, 145 ters' families, 390,


of a,

CORRESPONDENCE, 128, 256, Durand, M., his detail of the atrocities
324, 380, 568,
632 in the South of France,

Courtly interpretations of the Reve-

C. R.'s lines on the death of Mrs.


Cranbrook, case of the General Bap E.'s obituary of the Rev. J. Deacon,
tist chapel at,

61 313. His obituary of Mr. Peter
Creation, Mosaical account of the, Caffyn,

vindicated, 646. Mr. Belsham's East Indies, public affairs, &c. of,
illustration of his Serinon upon 192, 256, 324, 380,


712 Fastern Unitarian Society anniversary, 431
CRITICAL NOTICES OF NEW Eaton, Mr., his character of the late

175 Rev. Caleb Evans,
Cromwell, Oliver, Esq., obituary of, 424 E. B.'s eulogy on John Wilks, Esq.,
Cs’s review of Unitarians not Infidels, 50. On the conclusion of the Bi-

604 shop of Bristol's Charge to his
Cundill, Mr., on the last moments of Clergy, 581. His lines from a
Rev. Stephen Philpot,
560 husband to his wife,

EBOR on Unitarian missionary preach.

E. Ci's obituary of Mrs. Martha

Busk, 490. His obiteary of Mrs.

Rebecca Relph,
D.'s lines written on an evening of ECCLESIASTICAL PROMOTIONS, 126,

368 252, 379, 433,
Davies, Rev. Hugh, obituary of, 252 Eclectic Review, Ultra-Trinitarian-
Deacon, Rev. J., obituary of, 313 ism in the,

Deaths Abroan, 252, 314, 371, 425 Edelcranz, Baron Nields, obituary of, 371
Death, on habitual preparation for, 238 Edinburgh Review, extracts from the,
Denmark, public affairs, literature, (note, 37, 97. Review of the, 297
&c. of, 244,

323 Editor, on Mr. Brougham's Educa.
Deputies of the Three Denominations, tion Bill, (note, 57. On Bishop
list of the committee of,


Magee, (note,) 109, 111, On Mr.
Derzhavin, Gabriel Romanovich, his John Fox's Memoirs of Himself,
address to the Deity,

175 129, (note, 130, 133, 193, 194.
Dissenter, A, his objections to pre On Eichhoru's Works, (note,) 200.
composed prayer,

519 On Notices of Foreign Theological
Dissenters' marriages, remarks on, 297 Literature, 242. On memorandams
Dissenters, on innovations amongst, 157 from Archbishop Potter, 340. On
Dissenting Churches, on the History the memoirs of Professor de Rossi,

525 381. On the York College, (note,
DISSENTING MINISTER, A, on the bi 474. On Rom. xiv. 23, (note,)

gotry of the Evangelical Magazine, 587. On a mistake of an Ameri-
143. His inquiry respecting the can, (note,) 603. On the obituary
responsibility of Dissenting trus of J. Douglas Strutt, Esq., 623.

334 On the funeral service for Mrs. C.
Dissenting Ministers' fanilies, on, Aikin, 649. On a letter of Dr.
390, 472, 648,

729 Chandler's, 697. On Unitarianism
Dissenting Ministers' petition on the in Transylvania, 738, On Letters
penal laws,

372 received from W. Roberts, Madras, 739
Dissenting trustees, on the responsi. Education Bill, Mr. Brougham's, on,
bility of, 334,

409 25, 57, 62, 113, 154, 183, 186,
Diss, foundation stone of a new Uni 188, 217, 276, 315, 355, 377, 501
tarian chapel laid at,
629 Education, right of the people to,

Divine influence, on, 18, 74,

295 Eichhorn's Introduction to the New
Divine proceedings, simplicity of the, 296 Testament, 200, 281, 335. Old,
D. R.'s inquiry respecting private 511, 582,

property, and the authority and Enemy TO DESPOTISM, AN, on the
perpetuity of the apostolic institu supposed author of the Spirit of

tion of a community of goods, 88 Despotism,
Dudley Double Lecture anniversary, 562

English Catholics, critical notice of
Duelling, reflections on the barbarous

Supplementary Memoirs of, 119
practice of, 249,

632 English DISSENTER, An, on a letter
Dunlop's History of fietion, censure lately received from a friend in the

16 United States of America,



English hierarchy, lines on the, 313 designed to restore primitive Chris-
Englishwoman's Views of Society and tianity and to re-unite all Christian
Manners in America, review of, 485 sects,

Enty, Mr. John, biographical sketch F. F. B. on Mr. Simeon's statement

325 of the doctrine of the Trinity, 280
Episcopal Innovation, &c., reviewed, 542 F. F. D.'s lines on the death of a
Epistle from a High Priest of the beloved sister in France, 50. His
Jews to the Chief Priest of Can-

lines on the death of the Queen,

terbury, on the extension of Catho Field, Rev. Henry, obituary of, 123
lic Emancipation to the Jews, re Field, Rev. W., bis Letters to the

304 Calvinistic Christians of Warwick,
Epitaph on a Quaker lady, by a cler reviewed, 604. Account of his
358 early opinions,

Epitaph on Dr. Edmund Law, Bishop Findlay, Rev. Dr. John, obituary of, 369
of Carlisle,

230 Firmin's monument, inquiry respect-
Erskine's, Lord, eulogy on the Rev. ing, 448. Reply,

N. Cappe,

517 F. K. on the case of Bar-Jesus, 218
Erskine's Remarks on the Truth of Flavel on the incarnation of Christ, 716

Revealed Religion, reviewed, 361 Fletcher's, Rev. A., Funeral Sermon
Essay on Bishop Lowth's epitaph on for the Queen, reviewed,

bis eldest daugbter,

337 Flower, Mr., on an original letter of
Essays and Sketches on Life and the late Rev. Robert Robinson's,

Character, critical notice of, 119 14. On Dr. J. Jones's bypothesis,
Essenes, Dr. John Jones's account of 208,


92 Fontanes, Marquis de, obituary of, 315
EvelPis's suggestions as to an Unita Ford, Rev. Dr. Thomas, obituary of, 424

rian College, 513. His remarks on Ford, Rev. George, obituary of, 251

the sense of OÚtos, John i. 2, 651 FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE, 192, 254,
Evangelical Magazine, bigotry of the, 143 320, 379, 438, 631,

" Evangelical” spirit not a Protestant Forgiveness of sins, on the,


713 Foster, Mr. Thomas, his remarks on
Evans, DR. J., on the description of the Quakers' Yearly Epistle,

Nacbez, in the United States of Fox, Mr. John, of Plymouth, Me-
America, 283. His Welsh Noncon-

moirs of Himself, by, 29, 193,
formists' Memorial, reviewed, 305. 325. Biographical sketches of
His account of the late Mr. Thomas some of his contemporaries, 257,
Wicbe, 491.
On the projected 325, 441, 505.

Notes on, 220,
biography of Roger Williams, the 370,721. Archbishop Secker's ori-
founder of Rhode Island,

660 ginal letters to, 509, 569, 633. His
Evans, Mr., his lines composed during letter to Archbishop Secker, 634.

an evening walk near Llandilo, in Dr.S.Clndler's original letters to, 697
South Wales,

51 Fox, Rer. W. J., on the humanity of
Evans, Rev. Caleb, obituary of, 735. Christ, 515. His Funeral Sermon
Mr. Eatou's character of,
735 for the Queen, reviewed,

Evans, Robert Harding, Esq., obitu. France, public affairs, &c., of, 192,

181 320, 379, 631. Literature of, 306, 416
Evils of Education, The, reviewed, 305 Francis, Rev. Charles, obituary of, 734
Ewen, John, Esq., obituary of, 734 Franke, August Hermann, account of, 65
Examiner, the, lines from, 180, 312. Franklin, Dr., piety and resignation
Sentence on the proprietor of, 318


Extempore religious services, recom Free prayer, on, 519,

mendation of, 429,

533 French translation of the Bible adopt-
ed by the Bible Society,


FREND, Mr., on the election of Mat-

thias as apostle, 147, On a passage
F. on the constitution of a Christian in Dr, Rees's Sermon for Dr. Lind.
church, 395. On the conference

On the term lay.
of the Emperor Alexander with preachers, 595. His vindication
three Quakers,

701 of the Mosaical account of tbe crea-
FABER's queries on the ordination of tion,


FELLOWSHIP FUND, established at on co-operation with the peace-

253 societies,
Festival of the rose at Réchicourt-le Friends, anti-liberal spirit of the so-

Château, on the formation of the, 268 ciety of, 22. Letters to the Junior
Feuillade, M., analysis of bis work Members of, reviewed,


ary of,

say, 224,

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