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Creatures there are of such a piercing sight
That can endure upon the sun to gaze,
While others, whom the mighty sunbeams daze,
Come not abroad but in the dim twilight:

Others are found whom yearnings strange incite To feel the flame that hath such beauteous rays,

Which coming near, they perish in the blaze :

Of the last tribe am I, unhappy wight.

The dazzling beauties of my lovely maid

These weak and tearful eyes do overpower ;

Yet still I gaze upon her ; 'tis my doom :

Nor will I seek to screen me by the shade

Of dusky places, or the twilight hour,

But follow her who doth my heart consume.


Sunt quorum ocellis visus est acerrimus,

Solem intueri ut audeant; Ast alia gens ardente radio territa

Non prodit ante vesperem ; Aliisque mirus est amor viventibus.

Sentire flammarum jubar, Cui cum propinquant, illa fulgor enecat :

Sum talis infelix ego. Nam qui puellæ splendor e vultu micans

Præstringit oculos debiles, Spectare cogit dira me necessitas ;

Nec animus est caliginis Umbraculo me tegere vel crepusculo,

Sed pectus urentem sequi.


When in the virgin throng my Laura's face

Array'd I see in loveliness divine,
The more she seems all others to outshine,
With firmer hold doth she my love embrace.
Then do I bless the time, the hour, the place,
That with such noble passion warm’d these eyne,
And say ; My soul, a happy lot is thine,
That worthy found thee of so high a grace:

She did in thee the amorous thought inspire,

Which teaches thee the greatest good to know,
Esteeming not what other men desire ;

She made in thee the buoyant strength to grow,

Which heavenward guides the way, and here below Cheering my path in hope exalts me higher.


Cum mea virgineas inter stat Laura catervas

Eximio vestita decore, Quo magis excellens alias nitet, hôc magis arctâ

Me retinet complexa catenâ : Tunc soleo laudare locum, tunc tempus et horam,

Quæ mihi castum accenderit ignem,

Atque animæ, Fortuna tibi faustissima, dico,

Dignetur quæ munere tali.

Illa tibi sensum prima inspiravit amandi,

Summum ut scire bonum potis esses,

Quæque aliis in honore viris contemnere nugas :

Et virtutem increscere fecit,

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Unde mihi ad coelum pateat via, dura ferentem

Interea sublimis alat spes.



The learned of our land,
Her tongue who understand,

With all their skill combine
The structure to explore,
And ever more and more

To polish and refine.

While they our outward speech
With all its beauties teach

Expertly to unfold,
Ye men of German breed,
'Tis yours by life and deed

Its inward strength to mould.

'Tis yours to give the light,
The purity, the might,

Which hearts alone inspire;
The full poetic glow,
From which mankind may know

'Tis warm'd with heavenly fire.

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