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eye, memoir

Louis the Young, and Pope Inno. Money, See Coins.

cent, on a misunderstanding Mongez, M., memoirs by, on
between, 525.

Roman and other antiquitics,
Lucasta, verses to, 424.

Luther, character of, 534. Mont Louis, See Père la Chaise.

Moorish maiden, her slighted

love poetically told, 324.
Maid of Orleans, a tragedy. Mornay, See Duplessis.
specimen of, 379.

Mother and infant, story of,
Malta, Knights of, their order versified, 443.

not favorable to the practice Mysteries, sacred dramatic, in
of duelling, 319.

antient times, observations on,
Manners, in France, portrayed, and specimens of, 85–92.

Marlowe, Christopher, conjec-

ture respecting him disproved, Naples, character of the people,

165. Of the King, ib. Of
Martigny, shocking catastrophe the Queen, 166.
there, in 1818, 47.

Napoleon, See Bonaparte.
Mary Ogilvie, a tale, 293. Negro-insurrections, origin of,
Mary Stuart, a tragedy, speci- 397.
men of, 371.

Neighbourly resolution, verses,
May, the month of, poetically 81.
celebrated, 365.

Nerves of the

Medals, antient, obs. on, 460. 170. 176.
Memoir on, 525.

News-papers, circulation of, in
Mentelle, M., his memoir on the Great Britain and Ireland,
house of Austria, 526.

105. Duty paid by them, ib.
Mer de Glace, description of, 44. New York, its dirty condition,
Mercury, on the effects of vapor 249.
of, 179.

Nuns, verses on the state of, 211.
Merida, in Colombia, described,

Metals, precious, not procured Enotius, on the emigration of,

from gneiss-formations, 229. 522.

Real repositories of, 232, Old age, verses on, 422.
Metric systems of antiquity, Opera-house at Milan, account
memoir on, 528.

of, 48.
Metternich, Prince, and Andrew Optics, See Ptolemy.

Hoffer, dialogue between, 123. Overseer, of slaves, his duties,
Milton's Mulberry-tree, verses . 397. Story of a cruel one,

to a lady with a leaf of it, 398.

Mind, the culture and progress

of, the most important objects Parables, specimens of, 108.
of history, 363.

Parsee, Jew, and Christian, a
Miracle, a parable, 110.

parable, 108.
Mnemons, Hieromnemons, &c. Passover, poetically described,
on the duties of, 524.

Mogul empire, on political re- Pastoret, M., on the commerce,
lations with, 525.

&c. of the Romans, 521.



Pere La Chaise, account of

that burying-place, 480. Quartz-rock, peculiar modifica-
Persecution, curious instance of, tion of, 229. Remarkable

in Italy, in the 15th century, secondary quartz-rock, 234.

Quincy, M. Quatremère de, on
Petit-Radel, M., on the accu- the challenge of Apelles and

racy of Dionysius of Halicar- Protogenes, 522.
nassus, 521, 522. On antient
Spanish towns, 524.

Philosophy, history of the pro- Raoul-Rochette, See Rochette.
gress of, 532.

Rattle-snake, account of, 192.
Phosphorescence of the sea, re- Raudii Campi, on the situation
marks on, 340.

of, 524.
Phrases, Latin, specimen of a Rémusat, M., on political rela-
dictionary of, 394.

tions with the Mogul empire,
Pigeon, letter from, to a Par- 525.

tridge, 83. Cruelty of shoot. Revolution, See France.
ing pigeons from a trap, ib. Richard Cour de Lion, his


tical adventures with his sister
Pleura, on air found in, 180. Matilda, 183.
Poisons, vegetable, on the de- Rio de Janeiro, account of, 344.
tection of, 57.

Rochette, M., on the emigration
Polynesia, verses those of Enotius, 522. On Roman
islands, 436.

improvisation, ib. On a Greek
Pomponius Lætus, persecution inscription, 523.

of him and his academicians, Rocks, on the superposition of,

relatively to the formation of
Poniatowski and Kosciusko, the earth, 225. et seq.

their supposed dialogue, 125. Romances, observations on, 484.
Praise, as applied in education, Romans, memoir on their com-

merce, &c., 521.

On the
Prepositions, Latin, treatise on, improvisation of, 522.

Rule of Three, its principle ex-
Press, periodical, on the power plained, 271.

and extent of, in England, Rushton, Mr., his valuable cha-

racter, 325.
free, established in mo. Russia, speculations relative to
dern Greece, 284. Effects of, her views on Constantinople,
in the last three centuries, 71.

Printing, art of, its wonderful

effects on the progress of Sabine, Capt., on the tempera-
mind, 532.

ture of the Caribbean sea,
Prisoner, in criminal cases, re- 176.

marks on evidence deduced Sacy, Baron de, his second me-

from his own statements, 25. moir on the right of owner-
Protogenes and Apelles, story ship in Egypt, 520. On the
of, 522.

correspondence between Ta.
Ptolemy, his work on Optics merlane and Charles VI., 525.
found, 526. Account of, 527. St. Jean d'Angély, his epitaph,


St. Ouen,

on, 212.

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on, 51.

on, 340.

St. Ouen, account of its cathe- Skin, human, obs. on the form-
dral, 40.

ation and action of, 64.
St. Peter's at Rome, criticisms Slavery, in America, remarks

on, and facts relative to,
Salt eel, that phrase explained, 76. 255.
Santo Paulo, in Brazil, account

distinct from - Jewish
of, 348.

bondage, 441.
Sapinaud, M., his death during Slaves, remarks on the enfran-

the war in La Vendée, 446. chisement of, 4.
Sappho, and Phaon, a poem, Slave-trade, instances of its
specimens of, 95.

continuance, 427.
Savin, its supposed medicinal Sleep, medical obs. on, 327.
powers, 77.

Disturbances of, in London,
School, on the recollections of, 328. Ode to, from Herrera,
207. Verses on, 208.

Schools, provisions for, in Ame- Society, verses on the pleasures

rica, 252. Of Scotland, See of, 210.

Solari, Marchioness di, her
Scotland, Universities and work respecting Venice, 153.
schools of, observations on

Anecdotes of the Marquis,
the manner and course of 162. 164.
study at, 263–273.

Sonnet, from the Italian, 444.
Sea, phosphorescence of, obs. Spain, on antient towns in, 524.

Spine, on the mechanism of,
Sea-sickness, directions respect- 153.
ing, 342.

Spirit of Christianity, a parable,
Seal, “ it is turned as clay to the 108.

seal,” observations on that Squirrels, their abundance in
passage in Job, 130.

America, and curious parti-
Sette Communi, account of that culars of, 257.

mountainous district, 162. Stanhope, Col., his great exer-
Shakspeare, particulars in his tions in favor of the Greeks,

life investigated, 412. Order 284. Recalled by the British
of his plays, 414.

government, 290.
Shells, fossil, paper on, 178. Steam-heat, applied to drying
Sidney, Sir P., his supposed dia- clothes, grain, and sheaves

logue with Lord Brooke, 115. of corn, 204.
His death bewailed by a Stewart, Mr. Dugald, obs. on a
French statesman, 452.

French translation of his Dis.
Sieyes, Abbé, said to be avari- sertation on Philosophy, 531.
cious, 510.

Stomach, on the effect of blows
Sigh, verses to, 82.
Signets, antient, conjectures Sublimity, observations on, 333.
relative to, 129.

Subtlety, female, exemplified in
Silvestre, See Sacy.

a story in the Gesta Roma-
Simnell, and Warbeck, hypo-

norum, 358.
thesis concerning those sup- Suffolk, specimens of words and
posed impostors, 304.

phrases peculiar to that county,
Skating, among the Dutch, ac- 74.
count of, 220.

Sully, Duke de, favorite of


on, 61.

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Henry IV., anecdotes of, 311. Two Brothers, a Greek song,
318. 320.

Surgeon, on the duties of, 67.
Surgery, its disreputable state

U and V
in the 14th century, 430. Vapours, mercurial, on the effect
Other early particulars of, of, 179.

Venice, present state of, and
Sylla, a French tragedy, passage manners of the inhabitants,&c.
from, and translation, 141, 142. 153-169.

Universities of Scotland, See

Tamerlane - and Charles VI.,
memoir on the correspond-

ence of, 525.

Walckenaer, M., on the territo-
Temperature of the Caribbean ries of the Gabali, 523. . On
Sea, memoir on, 176.

the situation of the Raudii
Thigh-bone, on the fracture of

Campi, 524. On changes in
the neck of, 149.

the course of the Loire, ib.
Titanium, on the magnetism of, Walsingham, Sir Francis, letter

to him from M. Duplessis-
* * Tis pity she's a Whore,” ex- Mornay, 452.
tract from that play compared Warbeck, Perkin, arguments re-

with a modern poem, 238. .: specting, 304.
Trelawny, Capt., on the death Warburton, Bishop, compared

of Lord Byron, 287.note. 289. with Dr. Johnson, 424.
Troilus and Cressida, obs. on Washington and Franklin, imagi-

that play of Shakspeare, 416. nary dialogue between, 121.
Tropics, climate of, its charms Wiffen, Mr., his verses on Mil-

and disagreeables, 346. ton's Mulberry-tree, 443.
Troubadours, on the poetry of, Wollaston, Dr., on the mag-

364. Specimens of, 365. netism of titanium, 178.
Tubercles, origin and growth Women, in Canada, their dis-

of, 143. Treatment of, 147. soluteness, 195.
Tuscany, and the people, de-

scribed, 166.


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