Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, Volume 5

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Spicer brothers, 1851
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Page 1446 - In the improved engine, the caloric is employed over and over again, enabling me to dispense with the employment of combustibles, excepting for the purpose of restoring the heat lost by the expansion of the acting medium, and that lost by radiation also, for the purpose of making good the small deficiency unavoidable in the transfer of the caloric.
Page 1446 - K, will commence to open the instant that the piston, i, arrives at the full up-stroke, and be again closed the instant the piston arrives at full downstroke; whilst the valve, j, is made to open at the same moment, and to close shortly before or at the termination of the up-stroke. In like manner the slide-valve, N...
Page 1468 - Exhibition in 1851 explained that: 'the fIgure here represented is intended for that of a young and beautiful Greek girl, deprived of her clothing and exposed for sale to some wealthy eastern barbarian, before whom she is supposed to stand, with an expression of scornful dejection mingled with shame and disgust.
Page 1433 - The expenditure of months or years of labour upon a single article, not to increase its intrinsic value, but solely to augment its cost or its estimation as an object of virtu, is not common in the United States. On the contrary, both manual and mechanical labour are applied with direct reference to increasing the number or the quantity of articles suited to the wants of a whole people, and adapted to promote the enjoyment of that moderate competency which prevails among them.
Page ix - Carquines and Suisun bay, confluence and deltic branches of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, and the Sacramento river (with the middle fork) to the American river, including the cities of Sacramento and Boston, state of California.
Page ix - A series of charts, with sailing directions, embracing surveys of the Farallones, entrance to the bay of San Francisco, bays of San Francisco and San Pablo...
Page 1446 - ... and cranks; or it may be transmitted directly for such purposes, as pumping or blowing.
Page 1448 - It is particularly worthy of notice that the relative diameter of the supply and working cylinder will depend on the expansibility of the acting medium employed ; thus in using atmospheric air or other permanent gases, the difference of the area of the pistons may be nearly as two to one, whilst in using fluids (such as oils, which dilate but slightly), the difference of area should not much exceed one-tenth. I have next to notice that in employing any other medium than atmospheric air, it becomes...
Page 1446 - ... or fluids susceptible of considerable expansion by the increase of temperature, — the mode of applying the caloric being such, that after having caused the expansion or dilatation which produces the motive power, the caloric is transferred to certain metallic substances, and again re-transferred from these substances to the acting medium at certain intervals, or at each successive stroke of the motive engine ; the principal supply of caloric being thereby rendered independent of combustion...
Page 1446 - F a similar valve opening outwards from said cylinder, and contained within the valve box/'. 6 is a cylindrical vessel, which I call the receiver, connected to the valve box f by means of the pipe g ; H a cylindrical vessel with an inverted spherical bottom : I call this vessel the heater. J a conical valve supported by the valve stem j, and working in the valve chamber J', which chamber also forms a communication between the expansion heater C and heater H by means of the passage h. K is another...

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