The log of the Water Lily, Thames gig, during two cruises, in the summers of 1851-2

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Page 53 - Or mosque of Eastern architect. Nor were these earth-born castles bare, Nor lacked they many a banner fair; For, from their shivered brows displayed, Far o'er the unfathomable glade, All twinkling with the dewdrop sheen, The brier-rose fell in streamers green, And creeping shrubs, of thousand dyes, Waved in the west-wind's summer sighs.
Page 36 - HOLLAND. A COUNTRY that draws fifty foot of water, In which men live as in the hold of Nature, And when the sea does in upon them break, And drowns a province, does but spring a leak...
Page 76 - Yes ! I have loved thy wild abode, Unknown, unploughed, untrodden shore ; Where scarce the woodman finds a road, And scarce the fisher plies an oar; For man's neglect I love thee more ; That art nor avarice intrude To tame thy torrent's thunder-shock, Or prune thy vintage of the rock Magnificently rude.
Page 105 - ADIEU the woods and waters' side, Imperial Danube's rich domain ! Adieu the grotto, wild and wide, The rocks abrupt, and grassy plain ! For pallid Autumn once again Hath swell'd each torrent of the hill ; Her clouds collect, her shadows sail, And watery winds that sweep the vale, Grow loud and louder still. But not the storm, dethroning fast Yon monarch oak of massy pile ; Nor river roaring to the blast Around its dark and desert isle...
Page ii - School Life at Winchester College ; or, The Reminiscences of a Winchester Junior. By the Author of "The Log of the Water Lily;" and "The Water Lily on the Danube.
Page 31 - Whether the marriage be dissolved absolutely or a perpetual or temporary separation be decreed, the court may make an order and decree for the suitable support and maintenance...
Page 8 - ... heroes from sacred and profane history, which decorate the front, though of (keuper) sandstone, are by no means contemptible as works of art. The English traveller will view with some interest that part of the castle called the English Palace, from its having been built for the reception of the Princess Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James I., and granddaughter of Mary Q,ueen of Scots. The triumphal arch...
Page 107 - It was destroyed by fire in 1811 it is said by the soldiers of an Italian regiment who were quartered there to avoid the labour of carrying wood and water up the hill.
Page 69 - Croydon, sitting up in bed with a cigar in his mouth and a glass of brandy and water by his side, being entertained, lske some Eastern potentate, by a "broom girl" dressed in picturesque attire and an itinerant tumbler who was busily turning somersaults over the tables and chairs.
Page 108 - Streets, were not much perturbed even when 'in one heavy storm ... a sober strong man was carried off his legs by the force of the stream, and ignominiously drowned in the gutter.

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