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And, after, this : and then to breakfast, with
What appetite you have.

[Exit King, frowning upon Cardinal Wolsey; the

Nobles throng after him, whispering and smiling, Wol. What should this means What sudden anger's this ? how have I reap'd it? 450 He parted frowning from me, as if ruin Leap'd from his eyes : So looks the chafed lion Upon the daring huntsman that has gall'd him; Then makes him nothing. I must read this paper; I fear, the story of his anger.-'Tis so; This paper

has undone me :-'Tis the account Of all that world of wealth I have drawn together For mine own ends; indeed, to gain the popedom, And fee my friends in Rome. O negligence, Fit for a fool to fall by! What cross devil 460 Made me put this main secret in the packet I sent the king? Is there no way to cure this? No new device to beat this from his brains ? I know 'twill stir him strongly ; yet I know A way, if it take right, in spite of fortune Will bring me off again. What's this-To the Pope? The letter, as I live, with all the business I writ to his holiness. Nay then, farewel ! I have touch'd the highest point of all my greatness ; And, from that full meridian of my glory, 470 I haste now to my setting : I shall fall Like a bright exhalation in the evening, And no man see me more.


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Farewet, a tong fazeret

Plde Lastherbowy del.


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