The Letters of Horace Walpole: Fourth Earl of Orford, Volume 4

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John Grant, 1906

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Page 267 - A certain man had two sons : and the younger of them said to his father, Father, give me the portion of goods that falleth to me.
Page 267 - And not many days after, the younger son gathered all together and took his journey into a far country; and there he wasted his substance with riotous living.
Page 328 - I have decided that the outside shall be of treillage, which, however, I shall not commence till I have again seen some of old Louis's old-fashioned Galanteries at Versailles. Rosamond's bower, you, and I, and Tom Hearne know, was a labyrinth : but as my territory will admit of a very short clew, I lay aside all thoughts of a mazy habitation : though a bower is very different from an arbour, and must have more chambers than one. In short, I both know and don't know what it should be. I am almost...
Page 219 - Ilchester is almost distracted ; indeed, it is the completion of disgrace — even a footman were preferable ; the publicity of the hero's profession perpetuates the mortification. // ne sera pas milord, tout comme un autre. I could not have believed that Lady Susan would have stooped so low.
Page 362 - Nothing but an intractable temper in your friend Pitt can prevent a most admirable and lasting system from being put together, and this crisis will show whether pride* or patriotism be predominant in his character ; for you may be assured, he has it now in his power to come into the service of his country upon any plan of politics he may choose to dictate, with great and honourable terms to himself and...
Page 189 - You would have almost laughed to see the spectres produced by both sides ; one would have thought that they had sent a search-warrant for Members of Parliament into every hospital. Votes were brought down in flannels and blankets, till the floor of the House looked like the pool of Bethesda.
Page 176 - So far was very well. On Saturday, at the Maccaroni Club ' (which is composed of all the travelled young men who wear long curls and spying-glasses), they played again : the Due lost, but not much.
Page 470 - Talmond, the Queen's cousin, who lives in a charitable apartment in the Luxembourg, and was sitting on a small bed hung with saints and Sobieskis, in a corner of one of those vast chambers, by two blinking tapers.
Page 461 - Mais si vous vous obstinez à rejeter mon secours, attendez-vous que je ne le dirai à personne. Si vous persistez à vous creuser l'esprit pour trouver de nouveaux malheurs, choisissez les tels que vous voudrez ; je suis roi ; je puis vous en procurer au gré de vos souhaits ; et, ce qui sûrement...
Page 468 - Banishment ensued ; and, lest he should ever be restored, the mistress persuaded the king that he had poisoned her predecessor, madame de Chateauroux. Maurepas is very agreeable, and exceedingly cheerful ; yet I have seen a transient silent cloud when politics are talked of.

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