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8. d. PRIMER, F'cap 8vo, Illustrated (61 pages)

0 3 FIRST READING BOOK, F'cap 8vo, Illustrated (80 pages)

0 4 SECOND FEADING BOOK, do. Illustrated (128 pages).

0 6 THIRD READING BOOK, do. Illustrated (221 pages

1 0 FOURTH READING BOOK, do. Illustrated (288 pages)

1 6 FIFTH READING BOOK, do. Illustrated (416 pages)

2 0 ENGLISH SPELLING & PRONOUNCING, F'cap 8vo, First Grade (64 pages)... 0 4 Ditto do.


do. in 2 Parts, cloth, each 02 Ditto do.


do. Second do. (64 pages) 0 4 Ditto do.


Third do. (76 pages)

0 5


do. Complete (204 pages... 1 0+ FIRST POETRY BOOK, in 2 Parts (112 pages) each

6 Ditto do. Complete, (224 pages)

1 0 SECOND do. in 2 Parts (112 pages) each

0 6 Ditto de Complete, (224 pages)

1 0

A Copy of any of these Books will be sent free to Teachers

on application.

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It has been a pleasure to examine them. The binding is admirably calculated to stand the wear and tear of ordinary school usage, whilst the type and excellent wood engravings speak with equal strength on behalf of the skill of the engraver and the printer. But our warmest praise is due to Dr. Geikie. He has produced a series which will commend itself to all practical teachers. In the earlier books of the series tho plan pursued has been to. introduce one sound at a time, and thus every sound is properly studied, and amplo practice is provided to secure it in the pupil's mind. In tho advanced numbers of the series the difficult words are placed at the head of the lessons, properly syllabified and accented. Few reading-books are so carefully and scientifically graduated as these. The matter of the lessons has also received due attention. They will be particularly useful to young pupil-teachers. The last, but not the least, distinguishing feature of the series is the freshness of most of the lessons. Much of the matter has been specially written for the series, whilst many of the lessons are taken from sources hitherto little used for such a purpose. We confidently predict that pupils who are carefully carried through this series will master most of the peculiarities of pronunciation, will materially increase their vocabulary, will lay the foundation of a stock of useful and interesting information, and, what is worth more than all in an educative point of view, will acquire a taste for reading.The Schoolmaster.


The distinguishing feature of these books is a great advantage.Athenaeum.

This new system (as shewn in the Reading and Spelling Books) appears admirably adapted for elementary purposes. The daily lessons are most carefully arranged.---Christian World.

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