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ARGUMENT of the First Book.

Historical deduction of seats, from the tool to the Sofa.

A School-boy's ramble.-A walk in the country. -
The scene described.-- Rural sounds as well as fights
delightful.- Another walk.- Mistake, concerning
the charms of solitude, corrected.- Colonades com-
mended.-- Alcove and the view from it.-The Wil.
derness.-The Grove.-The Thresher.-The necef-
sity and the benefits of exercise.The works of nature
superior to and in some infances inimitable by art.-
The wearifomeness of what is commonly called a life of
pleasure.-Change of scene sometimes expedient,
A common described, and the chara&er of crazy Kate
introduced.Gipfies. The bleffings of civilized life.
-That flate most favourable to virtue.-The South
Sea Islanders compassionated, but chiefly Omai.-
His present state of mind sup: ofed. - Civilized life
friendly to virtue, but not great cities.-Great cities,
and London in particular, allowed their due praise,
but censured.Fete Champetre --The book concludes
with a reflection on the fatal effects of difipation and
effeminacy upon our public measures.

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I SING the Sora. I who lately fang
Truth, Hope and Charity *, and touch'd with

' awe
The solemn chords, and with a trembling hand,
Escap'd with pain from that advent'rous flight,
Now seek repose upon an humbler theme;
The theme though humble, yet august and proud
Th' occafion-for the Fair commands the song.
Time was, when cloathing sumptuous or for

Save their own painted skins, our fires had none.
As yet black breeches were not ; fattin smooth,.

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* See vol. i.


Vol. II.



17 MAR


THE TASK, in Six Books. ' Page

Book I. The Sofa com

II. The Time-Piece
III. The Garden - - 75

IV. The Winter Evening — 113 - V. The Winter Morning Walk 149

VI. The Winter Walk at Noon 189 An Epifle to Joseph Hill, Esq. - - 231 Tirocinium : Or, A Review of Schools - 239 The Hiftory of John Gilpin - - 277

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