A Dictionary, Hindustani & English: Accompanied by a Reversed Dictionary, English and Hindustani, Volume 1

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W.H. Allen, 1866 - English language - 1120 pages

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Page 41 - The eight siddhis, a superior order of beings ; a personification of the powers and laws of nature ; when they are subjected to the will by holiness and austerities, whatever the fancy desires, may, it is said, be obtained; universal sovereignty may be acquired, and implicit obedience to any command enforced ; the magnitude, weight, or levity of the body may be rendered invisible, and transported in an instant to any part of the universe.
Page 319 - They are suspended, by an iron hook passed through the skin of the back, to one end of a lever, which is raised on the top of a high pole, and whirled round by means of a rope fixed to the other end. This penance is...
Page 391 - ... a fomenter of quarrels; a go-between, one who flatters both parties in a dispute (allusion to a game among children, who rub a tamarind seed on one side till a mark is made, then throw it like a die : the caster wins if the mark turn up ; the seed thus prepared is called chilli, and if it be fraudulently marked on both sides, so as always to win, it is called doyandi).
Page 143 - To act (a play), to imitate, to mimick. liA i^^-^ bhagat-hona, vn To be initiated as a devotee, to be affiliated to a religious order. (This is peculiar to the low tribes. The initiation consists in putting a necklace of beads round the neck, and marking a circle on the forehead. After which, the initiated person is bound to refrain from the use of spirituous liquors, flesh, &c.).
Page 601 - A. lihonchi, f. any thing stuffed " into another, as grass into thatch ; trifling purchases ; part of grain which is to be parched taken as pay by the person who parches it...
Page 556 - ... retires from the game ; but if the boy who made the assault be seized and unable to return, he dies, or retires in the same manner. The assault is thus made from the two sides alternately, and that party is victorious of which some remain after all their opponents are slain.
Page 465 - Trimurti or triad. She is also the goddess of speech and eloquence, the patroness of music and the arts, and the inventress of the Sanskrit language and the Devanagarf letters.
Page 506 - A monthly period of three or four days, during which the female attendants in the women's apartments have leave of absence.
Page 557 - ... an areca nut having two kernels, or rather one of those kernels which are convex on one side and flat on the other, where it was in contact with its fellow : these nuts, from the doctrine of signatures, are said to be a remedy for the kemicrania. . (_>IAJ ЧПГГЯ hopas, f. cotton (undressed); the cotton plant (Gossypium herbaeeum). s. (^*Лл kaps, made of cotton (a garment), s.
Page 41 - Prostration in salutation or adoration, so as to touch the ground with the eight principal parts of man, viz.

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