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Art. 1.-1. Report of the Select Committee appointed to enquire

into the present State of Agriculture and of Persons

employed in Agriculture. 1883.

2. Report from the Select Committee appointed to en-

quire into the State of Agriculture, and into the

Causes and Extent of the Distress which still presses

on some important branches thereof. 1836.

3. Report from the Select Committee on Agricultural

Customs. 1847-8.

4. Report from her Majesty's Representatives respect-

ing the Tenure of Land in the several Countries of

Europe. 1869.

5. Report of the Royal Commission on Agriculture.

1881 and 1882.

6. Landlords and Allotments. By the Earl of Onslow.

London : 1886.

7. The Law of Allotments, with the Statutes and Notes.

By T. Hall Hall, M.A. London: 1886,

II.-1. The Wide-awake Library. Price One Penny. Lon-

don: 1883.

2. The Boys' Comic Journal. London: 1884.

3. Dicks's English Library. London: 1884.

4. The London Journal. London: 1884.

5. The Family Herald. London: 1884.

6. Oliver Twist. Price One Penny. The Pickwick

Papers. London: 1886.

[And other Works],

III.- Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales attributed to

Howel the Good. Translated and edited by Aneurin

Owen, and published by Royal Authority. Folio.

Oxford : 1841,

IV.--1. Hobbes. By Prof. G. C. Robertson. (Blackwood's

Philosophical Classics, 1886.)

2. Hobbes's Works. Collected edition,' Latin and

English, in 16 vols. (1839-1845). By Sir W. Moles-


3. Life of Mr. T. H. of Malmesburie. Printed in

· Letters, &c., and Lives of Eminent Men’ in 1813

from Aubrey's papers in the Bodleian Library and

Ashmolean Museum,



V.-1. Our Home by the Adriatic. By the Hon. Margaret

Collier (Madame Galletti di Cadilhac). London:


2. Governo e Governati in Italia. Saggio di Pasquale

Turiello. Bologna : 1882.

3. Commento teorico-pratico della Legge e del Regola-

mento Comunale e Provinciale del Professore Avvo-

cato Francesco Bufalini. Turin : 1881, .

. 107

VI.-The Douglas Book. By William Fraser, C.B., LL.D.

In four volumes 4to. Edinburgh: 1886. (Privately



VII.—Sketches from my Life. By the late Hobart Pasha.

London : 1886,


VIII.- The Greville Memoirs (Third Part). A Journal of the

Reign of Queen Victoria, from 1852 to 1860. By the

late C. F. Greville, Clerk of the Council. In two

London : 1887, .


IX.—The Works of G. F. Handel. Published by the German

Handel Society. Edited by Dr. F. Chrysander.

Leipzig : 1858-86,


X.—1. Marius the Epicurean ; his Sensations and Ideas. By

Walter Pater, M.A. London : 1885.

2. Neæra; a Tale of Ancient Rome. By John W.

London : 1886,


XI.-1. England's Case against Home Rule. By A. V. Dicey,

B.C.L., Vinerian Professor of English Law in the

University of Oxford, &c. London: 1886.

2. The Case for the Union explained and set forth by

Lord Hartington, Mr. John Bright, Mr. Goschen, Mr.

Chamberlain, and others. Published for the Liberal

Unionist Association. London : 1886.

3. Report from the Select Committee on Parliamentary

Procedure. Ordered by the House of Commons to

be printed June 10, 1886. London.

4. Bill to amend the System of Private Bill Legislation

in the United Kingdom. (Prepared and brought in

by Mr. Sellar, Sir Lyon Play fair, Mr. Raikes, Mr.

John Morley, and Mr. Robertson.) Ordered by the

House of Commons to be printed January 22, 1886.


5. A History of Private Bill Legislation. By Frederick

Clifford, Barrister-at-Law. London : 1887, . . 268

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