Historical Records of the Family of Leslie from 1067 to 1868-9: Collected from Public Records and Authentic Private Sources, Volume 2

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Edmonston and Douglas, 1869
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Page 73 - Melville, his fellow -soldier, thus describes him : — In view of the whole French army, the Master of Rothes, ' with thirty Scotsmen, rode up the hill upon a fair gray gelding. He had above his coat of black velvet his coat of armour, with two broad white crosses, one before and the other behind, with sleeves of mail, and a red bonnet upon his head, whereby he was seen and known afar off by the Constable, the Duke d'Enghein, and the Prince of Conde.
Page 202 - Although we have upon all occasions, both abroad and since our happy return, declared ourself fully satisfied with your conduct and loyalty in our service, and although, in consideration of the same, we have given you the title and honour of a Lord ; yet, seeing we are told that malice and slander do not give over to persecute you, we have thought fit to give you this further testimony, and to declare under our hand, that while you...
Page 239 - In cuius rei testimonium huic presenti carte nostre magnum sigillum nostrum apponi precepimus Testibus ut in alijs cartis consimilis date precedentibus.
Page 141 - Bambreigh, (SOB of George Raymond Evelyn, Esq. and Jane Elizabeth Leslie, Countess of Rothes in her own right, whom he succeeded in 1S09 :) one of the sixteen Peers of Scotland, born March 23, 1768, died February 11, 1817.
Page 213 - Thomas est legitimus et propinquior heres dicti quondam Andree patris sui de dictis terris cum pertinenciis Et quod est...
Page 197 - But at the General Election 24th July 1790, his votes were objected to, and the House of Lords, 6th June 1793, resolved that 'the votes given by the Lord Lindores at the said election were not good.
Page 202 - Lieutenant-General of our army, you did, both in England and Scotland, behave yourself with as much conduct, resolution, and honesty, as was possible, or could be expected from a person in that trust ; and as we told you, so...
Page 84 - ... them to hear confessions, to preach the word of God, and .to administer the sacraments in the places of their residence, with the consent and approbation of the ordinary. We take under our tutelage, under our immediate obedience, and that of the holy...
Page 211 - ... thar self . Item the said Wilyeam erle of Erol sal marrie and haff to wiffe Elisabeth the dochter of the said George erle of Rothes and sal complete the said mariage as sone as God provydis a dispensatioune to cum fra the court of Rome . And gif the said lord Willyeam desyris to compleit the mariage or the dispensatioun cum hame he sal mak sich bandis of security eythir of landis or sowmes of money as the said George erle of Rothes can dewise but inconvenientis and quhat cost that beis maid wpon...
Page 212 - Rothes. i — (AD 1509.) Inquisicio facta apud burgum de Aberdene decimo septimo die mensis Aprilis anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo nono coram honorabili viro...

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