The Wonders of Optics

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C. Scribner & Company, 1870 - Physical optics - 276 pages

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Page 2 - Derivative Spelling-Book: Giving the Origin of Every Word from the Greek, Latin, Saxon, German, Teutonic, Dutch, French, Spanish, and other Languages ; with their present Acceptation and Pronunciation. By J. ROWBOTHAM, FRAS Improved Edition. is. 6d.
Page 23 - Origin and History of the English Language, and of the early literature it embodies. By the Hon. George P. Marsh, US Minister at Turin, Author of " Lectures on the English Language.
Page 11 - ... it must equally be considered a splendid performance; and for the present we have no hesitation in saying that it is by far the best representation of Homer's Iliad in the English language.
Page 24 - The object of the present volume is: to indicate the character and, approximately, the extent of the changes produced by human action in the physical conditions of the globe we inhabit; to point out the dangers of imprudence and the necessity of caution in all operations which, on a large scale, interfere with the spontaneous arrangements of the organic or the inorganic world...
Page 15 - ... in his narrative, and more simple and life-like in his portraits. In the main, he is a pictorial historian, and his skill in description and fulness of knowledge make his work abound in scenes and passages that are almost new to the general reader.
Page 5 - English is both a homogeneous and a synthetic language, — homogeneous in its vocabulary, synthetic in its grammatical structure. It has since, though of course always operated upon, like everything human, by the law of gradual change, undergone only two decided revolutions ; the first of which destroyed its synthetic, the second its homogeneous character. Thus, in its second form, it is still a homogeneous, but no longer a synthetic language ; in its third it is neither synthetic nor homogeneous,...
Page 9 - De Vere. — STUDIES IN ENGLISH ; or, Glimpses of the Inner Life of our Language. By M. SCHELE DE VERB, LL.D., Professor of Modern Languages in the University of Virginia. 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 365.
Page 34 - A complete outline of that grand system of ethical jurisprudence which holds, as it were, in one community the nations of Christendom.
Page 14 - The author has not only given us the most complete and well-balanced account of the life of Cicero ever published ; he has drawn an accurate and graphic picture of domestic life among the best classes of the Romans, one which the reader of general literature, as well as the student, may peruse with pleasure and profit.
Page 32 - Price, . $2 50. Prof. Whitney's aim in these lectures is to place in a clearly comprehensible form, before the English reader and student, all the principal facts regarding language— its nature and origin, its growth, its classifications, its ethnological bearing, its value to man. Technical and...

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