Ancient laws of Ireland: Senchus Mór, conclusion : being the corus bescha, or customary law and the book of Aicill

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1873 - Irish language

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Page cxviii - And we have ordained : respecting those lordless men of whom no law can be got, that the kindred be commanded that they domicile him to folk-right, and find him a lord in the folk-mote; and if they then will not or cannot produce him at the term, then be he thenceforth a 'flyma,' and let him slay him for a thief who can come at him : and whoever after that shall harbour him, let him pay for him according to his 'wer,
Page 33 - Patrick and by the ecclesiastics and chieftains of Erin ; for the law of nature had been quite right except the faith and its obligations, and the harmony of the Church and the people. And this is the Senchus Mor.
Page xxxv - O'Brislan, a chronicler and principal Brehon of that country : whereupon O'Brislan was sent for, who lived not far from the camp, but was so aged and decrepid, as he was scarce able to repair unto us. When he was come, we demanded of him the sight...
Page cxviii - ceap-gild," and also have him in "borh" that he thenceforth desist from every kind of evil. If after that he again steal, then let his kinsmen give him up to the reeve to whom it may appertain, in such custody as they before took him out of from the ordeal, and let him be slain in retribution of the theft. But if any one defend him, and will take him, although he was convicted at the ordeal, so that he might...
Page xxxvi - The poor old man, fetching a deep sigh, confessed that he knew where the roll was, but that it was dearer to him than his life ; and therefore he would never deliver it out of his hands, unless my Lord Chancellor would take the like oath, that the roll should be restored...
Page clii - ... whitecollared shirt, embroidered with gold, upon him ; a girdle with golden buckles, and studded with precious stones, around him ; two golden net-work sandals with golden buckles upon him ; two spears with golden sockets, and many red bronze rivets, in his hand ; while he stood in the full glow of beauty, without defect or blemish.
Page xxxii - ... had been remarkable revelations. "When the Brehons deviated from the truth of nature, there appeared blotches upon their cheeks ; as first of all on the right cheek of Sen Mac Aige, whenever he pronounced a false judgment, but they disappeared again when lie had passed a true judgment, «fec. Connla never passed a false judgment, through the grace of the Holy Ghost, which was upon him.
Page cliii - In that book were entered the coeval exploits and synchronisms of the kings of Ireland with the kings and emperors of the world, and of the kings of the provinces with the monarchs of Ireland.
Page cxviii - If a man entertain a stranger for three nights at his own home, a chapman or any other who has come over the march, and then feed him with his own 10.
Page xl - In the science of history, therefore, old " means not old in chronology, but in structure : that is most archaic which lies nearest to the beginning of human progress considered as a development, and that is most modern which is farthest removed from that beginning.

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