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by his followers 75. Slain by Alex. Iden 79. His head brought

to the King 81. Cæfar, Augustus See Octavius Cæfar. Cæsar, Julius, his character, v. 213. Prince. Suspicious of Caffius, vii. 11.

Refuseth the crown that was offered 21. Casca. Addicted to superstition, and loved Nattery 24. Casca. Dec. Dissuaded by Calphurnia from going to the fenate 28. His contempt of death, ib. Firm against thote who wrong him 34. Aflailinated 35. His funeral oration spoke by Antony 43. His legacies to the

Romans 47. 48. Ant. His ghost appears to Brutus 60.
Calphurnii's speech on prodigies feen, vii. 28.
Caica's character, vii. 13. Cajius.
Callius confers with Brutus against Cæsar, vii. 7.

His character 11. Cæjar. Resolves to kill himself, if Cæfar is made Kiug 17. His quarrel with Erlitus 52. Ill omens stagger bin, though an Epicurean 64. Prelages he should «lie on his birth-day 66. Kills him

self io. Nourned and praised by Titinius, Mcfala, and Brutus 67. Catherine, Quten to Henry VIll. her characer, v. 298. Nurfolk.

Pitied by Anne Bullen 301. Her ipeech to the King before her divorce 305.

To Card. Wolsey 308. On her own merit 315. Praised by the King 399. Recommends her daughter and servants to him 339. Compared to a lily 316. Clarence, Duke of, deserts K. Edward, and goes to Warwick, v. 144.

Afifts in taking the King prisoner 146. Made Protector along with Warwick 150. Deserts Warwick, and goes to K. Edward 159. Stabs the Prince of Wales 165. Conmitted to the Touer 173, 4. His dream 192, 3, 4. His discourfe with his murtherers 196, 7.

Stabbed 199. Cleopatra, the power of her beauty over Antony, vii. 74. 75. 97.

Her character of Antony when he had left her 87. Her failing down the Cydnus described 96. Æro. Described angling 99. Being told of Antony's marriage to Octavia, the beats the messenger 102. Beaten at Actium, and flies 124. Submits to Czfar 131. Complimented by Antony victorious 142, Retires to the monument after Antony was beaten 146. Her fupposed death defcri

Her lamentation over Antony's dead body 153. Refolves to die 158. Her dream and description of Antony 159. Visited by Octavius 160. Affronted by her treasurer Seleucus 101. Her fpecch on applying the asp 165. See Antony. Clifford, Lord, quarrels with the Duke of York, v. 83. 84. Şlain by

York 86. His son vows to revenge his death 87. Stabs Rutland, fon to York 102. His speech to K. Henry, reprehending his lenity 112. Fights with Richard, and flies 118.

Killed 123,

His dead body iniulted 124. Constance, a mother pasionately fond, iii. K. John. Opposes the

Lady blanch's marriage with the Dauphin 317. Her lamentation

for the loss of her fon 330, I. Coriolanus, brave, proud, a contemner of the populace, vi. Cor ola

nus. An imaginary descripcion of his warring 309. Vol. Chides his foldiers when repulsed 312. Pursues the Volcians to Corioli 313.

bed 147.

pride ib.

dius 397

His character 213, 50. His entry into Rome after a victory 327. Bru. Mej. His actions summed up by Cominius 332. Approved by the Tribunès, he rails at the populace 343. His abhorrence of Aattery 356. His mother's resolution on his stubborn

His detestation of the vulgar 361. Banished ib. Applies to, and is kindly received by Aufidius 369, 70. Not to be diverted by his frien ls from invading Rome 380. His prayer for his son 387. His mother's pathetic speech to him 388. Yields

to her intreaties 390. Slain by the envy and treachery of AufiCranmer's character by Gardiner, v. 341. Accused of heresy 347.

His defence ib. His character by Cromwell 350. By the King
350, I.

His speech over Princess Elisabeth 355.
Cromwell, Thomas, his character, v. 334. 3 Gent.
Douglas, his character by Hotspur, iv. 135. Kills Blunt 152. Fights

with Henry IV. and puts him in danger 155. Fights with Pr.

Henry, and flies ib. Taken prisoner 159.
Duncan, King of Scotland, confers honours on Macbeth, vi. 235, 8.
Murthered 250.

See Macbeth.
Edward the Black Prince, his character, iv, 25. York.
Edward IV. amorous, brave, successful, v. 3. Hen. VI. Bravely sup-

ports his father 102. Defeated, and flies to Wales 100. Laments
his father's death 108. Defeats the Queen's army 123. Marries
Lady Gray 138. Surprised in his tent 146. Escapes from con-
finement 149, 51. Defeats Warwick's army 161. and that of the
Queen 164. Stabs Edward Prince of Wales 105. His speech on
mounting the throne 169. Commits Clarence to the Tower 173.
His speech on his death 202.

His death 204.
Edward, Prince of Wales, son to Henry VI. stabbed, v. 105. 176, 8.
Edward, Prince, son to Edward IV. murthered, v. 239. Tyr.
Eleanor, wife of Duke Humphy, ambitious, and given to supersti-

tion, v. 10. Catched consulting witches 20. Walks in procession for penance, and is banished 34. Her speech to her husband ib. Elisabeth, Queen, complimented by the title of the veftal Queen,

i. 75. Oberon. Prophetically described by Cranmer, v. 355.
Faulconbridge, boastful, brave, and enterprising, iii. K. John.
Fulvia's death and character, vii. 80. Antony.
Gardiner, Bp. of Winchester, Aattering and cruel, v. 350. King.
Glendower, his character, iv. 118. Described by Hotspur 122.
Gloucester, Humphry, Dukc of, detects an impostor, v. 26. Gives

up his white staff 31. Sees his Duchess's procession for penance
33. 34. Accused to the King by the Queen and others 36. Ar-
rested for high treason, he defends himself 39. Murthered by

strangling 49. Warwick. Lamented by the King 47. Henry IV. banished by K. Richard II. iv. 15. His estate seized by

the King 25: Lands at Ravenspurg 30. Passes fentence against
Bnihy and Green 38. His conference with the King 50. Made
King on Richard's resignation 56. His character of Pr. Henry his
son 58.

Account of his entry into London 65. York. Resolves
on an expedition to the holy land 89. Gains a victory over the


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Scots 81. Reprimands his son Pr. Henry 125, 6, 7, 8. His conference with Worcester 145, 6, 7, 8. Put in danger by Douglas 155. Defeats the rebels 158. His soliloquy on want of Neep 197. His character of Pr. Henry 222. His speeches to him on his

deathbed 228, 9, 30, 1. Henry V. his character, iv. 150. Vernon. His behaviour whilft

Prince of Wales 68. Boling. 125. K. Henry. His defence of liimself to his father 229. His speech on the troubles attending greatness 226. On the miseries of Kings 301. To Falstaff 243. Cumbridge, Scroop, and Gray, on their conspiracy 265. To the Clief Justice 2 36. To his soldiers 275.

To Wellmorland 305. His character when he can.e to the croún 249. Cant. Ely. Exc'id to a war against France 252, 3, 4; 5, 6.

Gives audience to the French ambassadors 257. His adfuer 258. Takes Harfleur 285. The French King's threatening meffage to him 288. His answer ib. His prayer before the batile of Agincourt 302. Beats the French 314, 19. Makes peace with them 326. Marries Katharine of France 332, 3.

His death lamented 335. Henry VI. meek, religious, unfortunate, iv. v. 1, 2, 3: Henry VI.

His speeches to Gloucester and Winchester in relation to their quarrel, iv. 367, 8, 9. Restores Richard Plantagenet to the duke. dom of York 370.

Creates Talbot Earl of Shrewsbury 378. Crowned King of France at Paris 379. Diffuades his nobles from di Tension 382. Intends a marriage with the Earl of Armagnac's diughter 394, 5. The match broke off by Suffolk’s influence 408. Marries Margaret daughier of Reignier, v. 4, 5. His discourses with an impoftor 23.-25. Passes sentence on the Duchess of Gloucester 30... Causes Gloucester resign the protectorship 30, 1. His speech on Gloucester's disgrace 41. His speech on his death 47. His prayer for Winchester in detpair 57. His soliloquy on his unfettled state 75, 70. His fpecch on seeing Cade's head 81. His army defeated by York 88. Consents that York reign after his death 95. Upbraided for pufillanimity by the Queen 97. His speech on secing York's head 112. His soliloquy on the happiness oi low life 119. Another after he lost the battle, on his Queen gcing to France 126. Taken prisoner 128. Remounts the throne 142. Chufes Warwick and Clarence for Protectors 150. His prophecy of Richmond 151. His spcech on his own lenity 155. Surprised by K. Edward 156. His speech to Richard Duke of Gloucester before he is killed by him 1647, 8. Lady Anne'e elegy,

attending his corse in order to interment 176. Henry Viii. his character of Buckingham, v. 283. Falls in love with Anne Bullen, and praises her beauty 291, 2.

Pretends conscience for divorcing Q. Catharine 301. The Queen's speech to

He praises her 309. Abhors the tricks of Rome 311. Marrics Anne Bullen 318. Prowns on Wolsey 323. His conference with Cranmer 343, 4. His character of him 350, 1. See

Bullen, Catharine. James I. King, prophetically described by Cranmer, v. 355, 0. Joan, the maid of Orleans, iv. 341. Raifeth fiends 396. Taken prisoner 397. Condemned to be burnt 401,


him 305.

John, King, dissembling, cruel, irresolute, unfortunate, iii. K. John.

The French King's threatening message to him 293. Chat. His
answer ib. His fpeech to the citizens of Angiers 306. Rejects the
Pope's authority 321. Excommunicated 322. Or.lers the abbeys
to be pillaged 327. Orders Hubert to kill Arthur of Bretagne
328, 9. His kingdom invaded by the French 341. Repents his
having ordered Arthur to be murthered 343, 4. Glad when he is
told he was alive 345. Yields his crown to the Poge's Legate,
who restores it to him 350. His army beaten by the French, and

he retires to Swinsted 357. Poisoned by a monk 360.
Julio Romano, his character, iii. 284. 3 Gent.
Lear, King, choleric, fickle, mad, miserable. vi. K. Luir.
Lepidus's character by Antony. vii. 5o. by Pompey 89.
Macbeth, his brivery in battle, vi. 233. Hath his greatness foretold

by witches 2 36. The con'lict of his mind when he first intended
to kill the King 239. His letter to his lady 241. His temper do-
scribed by her 242. His irresolution 245. Staggers in his refol.z-
tion, and is confirmed ag-in by his wise 246. His soliloquy before
he kills the King, and horror after 249.

His reflection upon his bloody hands 252. Meditates Banquo's death, and employs murtherers 200. His guilt and fear 253, Banquo's ghost appears to him 266. His surprise at the sight of it ib. Consults the witcl

. is again 274. His character by Malcom 281. Diltracted with horror 290. Despairs on hearing the English advance against him 2911

Told of his Lady's death 293, Slain by Macduff 298.
Macbeth, Lady, her foliloquy on the approach of the King, vi. 241.
Resolves on murthering him, and encourages Macheth 243.

Her foliloquy on the murther 250. Her behaviour with a taper in her.

hand 288.
Macduff, his exclamation on the murther of his wife and children,

vi. 285, 6. Kills Macbeth 298.
Malcolm's character, vi. 282. His discourse with Macduff 283.
Margaret, Queen, taken prisoner by Suffolk, iv. 397. Married
K. Henry VI. v. 4. 5.

Her hatred of Duke Humphry's wife 15. Stirs up the King against the Duke 36. Her pretended forrow for his death 48. The parting scene betwixt her and Suffolk 54. Her speeches with Suffolk's head in her hand 69. 68. Rated by York 83. Her speeches to the King, upon his consenting that York should reign after him 96. 97. Her speech to York taken prifoner 104, Orders his head to be struck off 106. Defeated by York his fon 122. Her speech to the French King, craving hclo 133, 4. Reconciled to Warwick 139. Her message to K. Edward b. Her speech to her foldiers 162. Her lamentation over her fon when !tabbed 166. Her execrations 188. and high birth

Her exprobation in a soliloquy 243, Enraged with her oir miseries, cxults at others 241.-— 244. Menenius Agrippa, his fable of the belly and limbs, vi. 302. His

character by himself 323. His character of Coriolanus 351. More, Sir The

his character, v. 328. Mortimer, his character vindicated, iv. 20. His speech to R. Planito genet on his deathbed, v. 363, 4, 5.

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Northumberland's grief for Hotspur, ix. 164.
Oirius Caías, his interview with Brutus and Caffius, yii. 62. Ses

An'ony, Cleopatra.
Orpheus's mofic, i. 159. Protbeus. v. 312. Scrg.
Percy, Harry Hotspar, his character, ir. 81. K. Herrg. 128. K.

Henry. 147. Pr. Henrg. His death 163. Mortimer. His character

by his lady 186. Percy, Lady, her pathetic speech, iv. 102. Portia, a Roman lady of an heroic spirit, vii. Julius Cæfar. Her

speech to Prutus 25. See Brutus. Richard I, his character, iii. 309. Batard. Richard II. his speech on his arrival in England, iv. 39. Refigns the

crown to Bolingbroke 56. His entry into London with him 65. York. Instances of his bad conduct 21. Gaunt. 23. Gaunt.

27. 127. K. Henry. His soliloquy in prison 73. Murthered 76. Richard III. ambitious, brave, dissembling, cruel, unfortunate, v. 3.

Hen. VI. and K. Kich. III. His birth prodigious 168. K. Henry, His person and manners described by Q. Margaret 188. Described by his mother, the Duchess of York 245. His foliloquy on his own deformity 172. His love for Lady Anne, and praise of his person 189, 2. His hypocrisy 191. His starting out of his dream, and soliloquy before the battle 263, 8. His behaviour after an alarum 268,

Killed by Richmond 269. Richmond, Earl of, K. Henry VI.'s prophecy of him, 5. 151. His

prayer before the battle of Bosworth 261. Salisbury's death and character, iv. 348. Talbot. Say, Lord, his apology, v. 72. Suffolk, proud, false, enterprising, v. 2. Hen. VI. His death 62. Talbot, his behaviour when prisoner in France, iv. 347. Slain with Timon of Athens beggared by flatterers, vi. 107. Apem. 111. Flav,

113. Sen. His lait entertainment for the parasites 135. Retires, and takes off humanity 136. Digging for roots finds gold 139,

Visited by Alcibiades, excites hini to cruelty 141. Pinched with hunger, his reflections on the earth 144. Compares himself with Apemantus 145. He gives gold and encouragement to the thieves 150, 1. Visited by his honest steward 152. by the poet and painter 154. by the Senators, intreating him to command a

gainit Alcibiades 157. His death and epitaph 163. Tyrrell, Sir James, his character, v. 237. Page. Murthers the young

princes 239.. Virgilia's chastity praised by her husband, vi. 386. Volumnia, a mother of an heroic fpirit, vi. 309. Instructs Coriola.

nus to address the people 354. Diverts him from destroying

Rome 386. See Coriolanus. Warwick, Earl of, brave but inconstant, v. 2 & 3. Henry VI. His

dying fpeech 160. Winchester, Card. Beaufort's character iv, 366. His death, v. 57. Wolley, Card. his character by Norfolk, V. 274. His power over the King 298. Norf. lpbraided by C. Catharine 307. His re


his son 391:


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