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Balked, piled up.

Bilberry, the whurtle-berry. Bandog, i. e. band-dog, a village Bilbo, a Spanish blade, flexible and dog, or mastiff.

elastic; the best of which are Bandy, a metaphor from tennis- made at Bilboa.

playing, to exchange smartly. Bilboes, a bar of iron, with fetters Banning, cursing.

annexed to it, by which mutinous Bans, curses.

sailors were confined; derived Barbason, the name of a dæmon. from Bilboa, which was famous Barbe, a kind of veil.

for the manufacture of instruBarber-monger, one who consorts ments of steel.

with barbers, a low fellow, Bill, articles of accusation. Barm, yeast.

Bill, the old weapon of English Barnacles, a kind of shell-fish, infantry, still used by the watch

growing on the bottom of ships. men in some towns. Barne, a child.

Bin, been, are. Barrfull, full of impediments. Bird-bolt, a short thick arrow with Bases, a kind of loose breeches, a out a point, used to kill rooks, kilt.

and shot from a cross-bow. Basta, 'tis enough,

Bisson, blinding. Bate, strife or contention.

Black cornered night, night which Batlet, the instrument with which is as obscure as a dark corner.

washers beat their coarse clothes. Blacks, mourning made of stuffs of Batten, to grow fat.

different kinds dyed black. Bavin, brushwood, which, fired, Blank, the white or the white mark

burns fiercely, but is soon out. at which arrows are discharged. Bawcock, perhaps from beau and Blank and level, mark and aim,

coq, a jolly cock, or cock of the terms of gunnery. game.

Blaze, i. e. of youth, the spring of Bay curtal, a bay docked horse.

early life. Beadsmen, persons maintained by Blench, to start off, to fly off. charity to pray for their benefac- Blent, blended, mixed together.

Blind-worm, the Cæcilia, or slowBear a brain, to have a perfect re- worm. membrance.

Block, the thing on which a hat is Beck, a salutation made with the formed.

head; in the North, it means Blurted or blurt, an expression of curtsying.

contempt. Becomed, becoming.

Bobbed, fooled out of, cheated. Beesome, blind.

Bodge, to botch or to budge. Behests, commands,

Boitier, a box to hold salve or Behowl, to howl at.

simples. Beldame, ancient mother.

Bolds, emboldens. Be-lee'd, becalmed.

Boltered, dedaubed, begrimed. Belongings, endowments.

Bolting-hutch, a wooden receptBe-mete, bemeasure.

acle into which the meal is bolted. Bemoiled, bedraggled, bemired. Bombard, a barrel. Besmirch, to foul or dirty. Bona-robas, ladies of pleasure. Bestraught, distracted.

Bores, stabs, or wounds. Beteem, to give or bestow, or to Borne in hand, deceived, imposed permit, deign, or suffer.

upon. Bevy, a company, or number of Bosky, woody; bosky acres are quails or women.

field's divided by hedge-rows; Bezonian, a term of reproach; from from boscus and bosquet.

bisognoso, a needy person.. Bosom, heart, heart's desire. Bias cheek, swelling out like the Bots, worms in the stomach of a bias of a bowl.

horse.- A bots light upon, an Bid the base, to challenge in a con- imprecation. test.

Boulted, sifted or refined. Biggin, a kind of cap, worn now Bourn, boundary, or rivulet dividonly by children.

ing land.


Box, yoke.

Brought, attended. Bowlins or bowlines, ropes by which Brow, i. e, of youth, the height of the sails of a ship are governed

youth. when the wind is unfavourable, Brown bill, a kind of battle-axe aiBowling, or the smoothness of a tised to a stick. bowling-green.

Brownist, a follower of Brown, a Bowstrings, i. e. hold or cut, at all sectarian, events.

Bruising irons, an allusion to the Brace, the armour for the arm: ancient mace.

warlike brace, state of defence. Bruit, noise, or report. Brach, a kind of hound; used as a Brush, i, e. of time, decay by time. term of contempt.

Buckle, to bend, or yield to presBrack, to salt.

sure. Braid, crafty or deceitful.

Bug, bugbear. Brain's flow, tears.

Bugle, hunting-horn. Brake a thicket or furze-bush, Bu breast. Brands, a part of the and irons, Bumbard, a large vessel for holding

on which the wood for the fire drink.
was supported.

Bung, a cut-purse.
Brazier, a manufacturer in brass, Bunting, the name of a bird.

or a reservoir for charcoal. Burgonet, a helmet. Brave, to make fine; bravery was Busky, woody.

the old term for elegance of dress. But, only, except. Bravely, splendidly or gallantly. Butt-shafi, an arrow to shoot at Bravery, finery.

butts with. Brawl, a kind of dance.

Buxom, yielding, obedient. Braying, an epithet applied to the sound of the trumpet, harsh, grat- Caddis-garter, a kind of worsted

garter. Break, to begin.

Caddises, worsted lace. Break up, to carve.

Cade, a barrel. Break with, to break the matter to. Cadent, falling. Breast, voice.

Cage, a prison. Breath, speech, K. John, Timon. Cain-coloured, yellow; Cain was

Exercise, Trolius and 'Cres. A represented of that colour in old

slight exercise of arms, ibid. pictures. Breathing-courtsy, verbal compli- Caitiff, a prisoner, slave, or scounment.

drel. Breeching, school discipline. Calculate, to foretell. Bribe-buck, a buck sent for a pre- Caliver, a light kind of musket. sent.

Callet, a bad woman, or witch, Bridal, a nuptial feast.

Calling, appellation. Brief, a short account, a contract Camelot, a place where king Arthur

hastily performed.-Now-born is supposed to have kept his court. brief, is the breve originale of the Canaries, the name of a brisk, light feudal times.

dance. Bring, attend or accompany. Canker, the canker-rose, dog-rose, Bring out, bring forth.

or hip. Brize, the gad, or horse-fly. Canstich, candlestick. Broach, to put on the spit, to trans- Cantle, a corner, or piece of any fix.

thing Brock, the badger.

Cantons, used for cantos. Brogues, a kind of shoes.

Canvas-climber, one who climbs Broken, communicated.

the mast to furl the canvas, a shipBroken mouth, a mouth that has

boy. lost part of its teeth.

Capped, saluted, by taking off the Broker, a matchmaker, a procuress. сар, Brooch, a trinket with a pin fixed to capable impressure, hollow mark. it.

Capocchio, a sot, or dull, heavy Brooched, adorned.

gull, the Italian capocchio.


Capricious, lascivious.

Character, handwriting. Curack, a vessel of great bulk. Characts, characters. Caracts, characters.

Charactery, the matter of which Carbonádo, a piece of meat cut

characters are made. crossways for the gridiron.

Chare, job of work. Card, sea-chart.

Charge-house, free-school. Carded, mixed.

Chariest, from chary, the most Carieres, i, e, to pass the carieres, cautious.

a military phrase. Means that Chariness, caution. the common bounds of good be- Charneco, a kind of sweet wine. haviour were overpassed.

Chases, a term in tennis. Carkanet, a kind of necklace or Chaudron, entrails. chain.

Cheater, for escheatour, an office Carl, clown, husbandman.

in the Exchequer. Carlot, a peasant, or churl; from Check, command, control. cari.

Cheer, countenance. Carnal, sanguinary.

Cherry-pit, pitching cherry-stones Carowses, drinks.

into a little hole. Carpet knight, a term of reproach, Cheveril, kid skin, soft leather.

spoken of one knighted in time Chewet, or chuet, a noisy, chatterof peace, and on a carpet, on some ing bird, or a fat pudding. festive occasion,

Chide, resound, reecho. Carriage, import.

C'hild, sometimes applied to knights Case, skin, outside.

and heroes. Case, a set or pair of any thing. Childing, pregnant. Casques, helmet.

Choppine, a high shoe or clog. Cassock, a horseman's loose coat. Chopping, jabbering, talking glibly. Cast, to empty, to throw, or re- Chough, a bird of the jack-daw ject.

kind. Cast lips, left-off lips.

Christom, or chrisom, a christened Cust the water, to find out disorders

child. by inspecting the urine.

Chrystals, eyes. Cailing, a small lute-string made Chuck, chicken, a term of endearof catgut.

ment. Cavaliero, an airy, sprightly, irre. Chuffs, rich, avaricious people. gular fellow.

Circummured, walled round. Caviary, a luxurious Russian dish Circumstance, circumlocution.

made of the roe of the sturgeon. Circumstanced, treated according Cautel, subtlety, or deceit.

to circumstances. Cautelous, artful, or insidious. Cital, recital, Cauterizing, burning, or blister-Clack-dish, a beggar's dish. ing.

Clap in, fall to. Cearment, the wrapping of an em- Clapped i' the clout, bit the white balmed body.

mark. Cease, decease, die.

Claw, to flatter. Censer, brasier.

Clean kum, awry.
Certes, certainly.

Clepe, to call.
Cess, measure, tax, or subsidy. Clerkly, like a scholar.
Chaliced, i. e. flowers with cups, Cling, to dry or shrink up.
from calix.

Clinquant, glittering, shining. Challenge, law-term, the right of Clipi, twined around, embraced. refusing a juryman.

Clout, the white mark at which Chamber, London was anciently archers took their aim.

called the king's chamber. Clouted, strengthened with clout, Chamber, a piece of ordnance. or hobnails. Chamberers, men of intrigue. Coasting, conciliating, inviting. Changeling, a child substituted for Cob-loaf, a crusty, uneven, gibbousone stolen.

loaf. Channel, kennel.

Cock and pye, a popular adjuration. Chantry, little chapel in a cathedral. Cockshut-time, twilight.

Cockle, a weed which grows up with Coster-monger, a dealer in costers, corn.

or costards, a kind of apple. Cockled, like the fish called a cockle. Cote, to overtake. Cockle-hat, cockle-shell hat, such as Couch, to lie with. pilgrims wore.

Counter-caster, one who reckons by Codding, amorous.

counters. Codpiece, a piece of dress.

Countercheck, au old term in the Coffin, ancient term for the raised game of chess. crust of a pie.

Counterfeit, portrait.
Cog, to falsify the dice, to lie. Counterpoints, counterpanes.
Cogging, lying.

County, count, conte, It. Coigneof vantage, convenient Courser's-hair, alluring to the 10corner.

tion that the hair of a horse, dropt Coignes, corners.

into a corrupted water, will turn Coil, bustle, stir.

to an animal. Collection, consequence or 1- Courses, the mainsail and foresail. lary.

Court cupboard, sideboard, Collied, black, smutted with coal, Cowed, restrained, or made cowdiscoloured.

ardly. Collier, term of reproach, from the Couer, to sink by bending the hams,

im positions of coal dealers. Coulstaff, a staff for carrying a Comart, a bargain.

large tub or basket with two Combinate, betrothed.

handles. Comforting, abetting.

Coyed, condescended reluctantly. Commend, commit.

Coystril, a coward cock, a paltry Committed, lain with.

fellow. Commodity, self-interest.

Cozier, a tailor, from cousu ; or a Commonty, a comedy.

cobbler, or sowter. Companies, companions.

Crack, a child. Compassed, round.

Crack' of doom, dissolution of uaComposture, composition.

ture. Concupy, a cant word for concu- Cranking, Crankling, applied to piscence.

the winding of a river. Conduct, conductor,

Cranks, windings. Coney-catched, deceived, cheated. Crare, a kind of boat. Conject, conjecture.

Craven, a degenerate, dispirited Consent, will.

cock. Cowardly, to make cowContinent, that which contains or ardly. encloses.

Credent, creditable, probable. Contraction, marriage contract. Cresset, a light set upon a beacon, Control, confute.

from croissette. Convented, summoned.

Crisp, curled.
Convents, agrees, is convenient. Crone, old worn-out woman.
Convertile, a convert.

Cross-gartered, an article of puri-
Convey, steal, conveyance, theft. tanical dress
Conveyers, thieves.

Crow-keeper, a scare-crow. Conveyed himself, derived his title. Crownet, last purpose. Convicted, overpowered, baffled, Cruel, worsted. 'Lear, applied to destroyed.

garters. Convive, to feast.

Crush, to drink. Copatain hat, a hat with a conical Crusado, a Portuguese coin. crown.

Cry, a pack or troop. Copped, rising to a top or head. Cub-drawn, i, e. bear, one whose Coragio, an exclamation of encou- dugs are drawn dry, ragement.

Cuisses, armour for the thighs, Corky, dry, or withered.

cuisses, Fr. Corollary; surplus, one more than Cunning, knowing, skilful, in a

good meaning Corrigible, corrected.

Curb, to bend and truckle, from


enough Costard, a head.

Curled, ostentatiously dressed. Discandy, to melt the sweets, to Curious, scrupulous.

dissolve. Curst, shrewd, mischievous.

Discourse, reason. Curtail-dog, dog whose tail is cut. Dishabited, disloged. Curtle-uxe, a cutlass, broad-sword. Dismes, Fr., tenths. Customer, a common woman), Oth. Disnatured, waniing natural affec. &c, or one who visits such.

tion. Cut, horse.

Dispark, to throw down the hedges. Cut and long tail, a phrase from Disperge, to sprinkle. dogs, poor or rich.

Dispose, to make terms. Cultle, a knife used by sharpers. Disputable, disputatious.

Dispute, talk over, reason upon, Daff, or Doff, to put off.

account for. Damn, condemn.

Disseat, displace. Dank, wet, rotten.

Distate, to corrupt. Darkling, in the dark.

Distemperature, perturbation. Darraign, range, put in order. Divertid, turned out of the course Dealt, fought by proxy.

of nature. Dear, excellent, immediate, con- Division, phrase in music, the parts sequential.

of it. Dearn, direful, lone, solitary. Doff. See Daff: Deboshed, debauched.

Dole, alms, or distribution. Dech, of cards, a pack.

Don, to do on, put ou. Decline, as in grammar, to run Down-gyved, hanging down like through from first to last.

the loose cincture which confines Deem, opinion, surmise.

the fetters round the ankle. Default, (in the) at need.

Draught, the jakes. Defeat, to free, to disembarrass. Druw, withdraw. Defeature, alteration of features. Drawn, swords drawn, Defence, the art of fencing. A drawn fox, one which is trailed Deftly, adroitly, dexterously. over the ground, and deceives the Delighted, spirit, accustomed to hounds. delight.

Dressings, semblances or habiliDemise, grant.

ments of virtue. Denay, denial.

Driven bed, one for which the Denotements, indications, discove- feathers are selected by driving ries.

with a fan. Denude, strip, divest.

Drumble, to act as confused and Depart and part, often synony- stupid. mous.

Ducdame, duc ad me,

the supposed Deprive, take away.

burthen of a song. Deracinate, force up by the roots. Dudgeon, the haft or handle of a Derogate, degraded.

dagger. Descant, variation, a term in music, Dull, gentle, soothing. or to harangue upon.

Dullard, a person stupidly unconDeserved, deserving.

cerned. Despatched, bereft.

Dumbs, makes silent. Detected, suspected, or charged. Dump, a mournful elegy. Determined, concluded,

Dung, an abscene word, probably Dibble, an instrument in gardening. part of a proverb. Dickon, Richard.

Dungy, of dung, earthy. Diffused, wild, irregular, extrava- Dupped, did up, put up, opened. gant.

Durance, some lasting kind of stuff. Digression, transgression. Dildos, a búrthen of a song.

Eager, sour, harsh. Directitude, discreditude, or dis- Eanlings, lambs just dropt. credit.

Ear, to plough. Dis undervalue.

Easy, slight, inconsiderable. Disappointed, unappointed, unpre- Eche, eke out. pared.

Ecstasy, alienation of mind.

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