Gwyddoniadur Cymreig

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John Parry
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Page 306 - And, last of all, come the Dicotyledonous Exogens, — a class to which all our fruit, and what are known as our " forest trees," belong, with a vastly preponderating majority of the herbs and flowers that impart fertility and beauty to our gardens and meadows.
Page 395 - Felly hefyd yr ordeiniodd yr Arglwydd, i'r rhai sydd yn pregethu yr efengyl fyw vrth yr efengyl.
Page 355 - Nac ofnwch: canys wele yr wyf fi yn mynegu i chwi newyddion da o lawenydd mawr, yr hwn a fydd i'r holl bobl. Canys ganwyd i chwi heddyw Geidwad yn ninas Dafydd. yrhwn yw Crist yr Arglwydd,
Page 314 - Ni effeithia helbulon a phrofedigaethau y byd arno yn niweidiol, ond parha drwy y cwbl yn wyrddlas ac iraidd, gan " roddi ei ffrwyth yn ei bryd, a'i ddalen ni wywa, a pha beth bynag a wnel, efe a Iwydda;
Page 150 - But if censure be merited for here indulging, even for a moment, in pure speculation, it may, perhaps, be disarmed by the reflection that the discovery of the vertebrate archetype could not fail to suggest to the anatomist many possible modifications of it beyond those that we know to have been realized in this little orb of ours.
Page 351 - I'll change my note soon, and, I hope, for the better. May the right use of letters, as well as of men, Hereafter be fixed by the tongue and the pen. Most devoutly I wish they may both have their due, And that / may be never mistaken for U.
Page 355 - ... loan v. 7. Y mae galar dwys yn myncd i raddau yn mhellach na hyn, megys galarnad Dafydd ar ol ei fab Absalom : — " О fy mab Absalom ! fy mab, fy mab Absalom!
Page 306 - Next succeed the acrogens, or flowerless plants that possess both stems and leaves -such as the ferns and their allies. Next, omitting an inconspicuous class, represented by but a few parasitical plants incapable of preservation as fossils, come the endogens - monocotyledonous flowering plants, that include the palms, the liliaceae, and several other families, all characterized by the parallel venation of their leaves.
Page 62 - Yn amser Owain ap Maxen Wledig ydd enillwys genedl y Cymry eu braint a'u Coron, cymmerasant at eu mamiaith gyssefin yn lle'r Lladin ag oedd wedi lied enill Ynys Prydain, ag yn y Gymraeg y cadwasant gof a Chyfarwydd a dosparthau Gwlad a chenedl gan ddwyn ar atgof yr h6n gymraeg a'u geiriau a'u hymadroddion Cynhwynolion, eithr achos angof ag anneall ar hen lythyriaeth y deg llythyr cyssefinion.
Page 306 - From the lowest zone at which organic remains occur, up till the higher beds of the Lower Silurian System, all the animal remains yet found belong to the invertebrate divisions. The numerous tables of stone which compose the leaves of this first and earliest of the geologic volumes correspond in their contents with that concluding volume of Cuvier's great work in...

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