The Life and Letters of Francis Lieber

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J.R. Osgood, 1882 - United States - 439 pages

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Page 310 - The members on both sides," wrote Senator Grimes, of Iowa, " are mostly armed with deadly weapons, and it is said that the friends of each are armed in the galleries.
Page 74 - I must declare and avow, that, in the master. states of the world, I know not the people'* nor the senate, who in such a complication of difficult circumstances, can stand in preference to the Delegates of America, assembled in General Congress at Philadelphia.
Page 43 - ... inspire is not to be described. All this has plunged him into deep melancholy ; for he has a very noble heart. He has deeply moved and interested us, and we are trying to cheer his spirits by friendly treatment, and to banish from his thoughts the infernal scenes which he has witnessed. He is one of the youths of the noble period of 1813 (when he served in the army, and was wounded), who lost themselves in visions, the elements of which they drew from their own hearts ; and this terrible contrast...
Page 331 - I can assure you, as a friend, that no counselor of Justinian sat down to his task of the Digest with a deeper feeling of the gravity of his labor, than filled my breast in the laying down for the first time such a code, where nearly everything was floating. Usage, history, reason. and conscientiousness, a sincere love of truth, justice, and civilization have been my guides; but of course the whole must be still very imperfect.
Page 328 - THERE WAS A MAN IN OUR TOWN. There was a man in our town, And he was wondrous wise ; He jumped into a bramble bush, And scratched out both his eyes : And when he saw his eyes were out, With all his might and main He jumped into another bush, And scratched them in again.
Page 121 - It is the general anxiety of man to be an individual and to individualize everything around him. . . . We must single out one country, from among all countries of the globe, to call ours. The sound, 'My country!
Page 334 - ... English, French and Germans. It is a contribution by the United States to the stock of common civilization. I feel almost sad in closing this business. Let me hope it will not put a stop to our correspondence. I regret that your name is not visibly connected with this code. You do not regret it, because you are void of ambition, to a faulty degree, as it seems to me. * * * I believe it is now time for you to issue a strong order, directing attention to those paragraphs in the code which prohibit...
Page 425 - In 1846, in one of my writings, I recalled the fact that under Adrian, professors were appointed to lecture in different places, and Polemon of Laodicea instructed in oratory at Rome, Laodicea, Smyrna, and Alexandria. The traveling professor had a free passage on the emperor's ships, or on the vessels laden with grain. In our days of steamboats and railroads the traveling professor should be reinstated.
Page 70 - I i wisdom and humanity been shown as in their civilization. Each new colony has been received into the Union as soon as it had the required number of inhabitants, and allowed the same rights as the older ones. This proves that they are free from jealousy and tyranny, and that they are ruled by just laws. I know no people who show more love for all that is noble. No nation has ever made such rapid progress."1 Thus wrote Lieber at seaJ on June 10, 1827, i wbde on his way to America.
Page 391 - ... strength, authority, and grandeur of the law of nations rests on, and consists in, the very fact that reason, justice, equity, speak through men ' greater than he who takes a city ' — single men, plain Grotius; and that nations, and even Congresses of Vienna, cannot avoid hearing, acknowledging, and quoting them. But it has ever been, and is still, a favorite idea of mine that there should be a congress of from five to ten...

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