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C. Baldwin, Prioter, New Bridge-street, London.

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Return to Rome-Carnival-Horse Race-Candles

Excursion to Tivoli—Ponte Mammolo-Solfaterra-

Albulean Lake-Temple of Faunus-Plautian Tomb

-Adrian's Villa-Cataract of Tivoli— Temple of

Vesta-Ancient Villas, and Horace's Farm-Cascatelle

-Canova's PietaRoman Pearls, Cameos, Mosaics-

Excursion to Frascati-Porta Asinaria-Aqueducts-

History of Tusculum-Relics, and Vicinity-Cicero

-Lucien Bonaparte, and Banditti, Villa Aldobran-

dini and Water-works-Lake Regillus, and Castor and

Pollux-Grotto Ferrata-Domenichino's Frescoes

Alban Lake, and Emissarius-Albano-Nemi and

Classic Neighbourhood.



Brief Review of Roman Society and Literature-

Female Character-Cavalieri Serventi-Marriage

Villa Albani-Casino of Raphael-Funerals--Blessing

of Animals-Taking the Veil-Convents and Monas-

teries-Mausoleum of Augustus— Temple of Minerva

Medica-Church of Jesus The Seven Hills-Pala-


laces The Capitoline-Temples of Jove--Spolia

Opima—Saturn-Etymology-Manlius Capitolinus

Other Temples, &c.—The Esquiline-Servius Tullius,

and Tullia- The Quirinal- Antique Horses-Former

Temples—The Cælian-Temples-Churches of Sa.

Maria Navicella and San Stefano Rotondo, The

Viminal-The Aventine-Ancus Martius-Remus,

and Augury-Elician Jove-Hercules and Cacus-

Caius Gracchus—Septimontium-Roman Forum-Sa-

bine Women-Virginia and Appius Claudius—Ficus

Ruminalis—Church of St. Theodore-Temple of

Castor and Pollux-Via Sacra-Forums of Cæsar and

Augustus - Academy of St. Luke-Raphael—Various

Temples-Temple of Antoninus and Faustina-Vestal

Virgins Horatii and Curiatii-Filial Piety-Other

Temples-Slaves—The Tiber.....


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