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The Indians of the Shasta Mountains tell

A legend strange and beautiful. They say That the Great Spirit stepped from cloud to cloud,

In the primeval day,

And first upon the dome of Shasta stood,

The spotless face of new-born earth to see, And everywhere He touched the land, upsprang

A green, luxuriant tree.

Beyond the moons that bcam, the suns that blaze,
Past fields of ether, crimson, violet, rose,
The vast star-garden of eternity,
Behold! it shines with white, immaculate rays,
The home of peace, the haven of repose,
The lotus-flower of heaven, Alcyone.

It is the place where life's long dream comes true:
On many another swift and radiant star
Gather the flaming hosts of those who war
With powers of Darkness; those strong seraphs too
Who hasten forth God's ministries to do;
But here no sounds of eager trumpets mar
The subtler spell which calls the soul from far,
Its wasted springs of gladness to renew.

Pleased with the sight, the splendor of His smile

Melted the snows and made the rivers run, And soon the branches tossed their leafy plumes

And blossomed in the sun.

Day after day while that first summer shone

He watched with fresh delight the growing trees; But autumn came, and fast the bright leaves fell,

Swept by the keener breeze,

Yet were they radiant now, in every hue

Of red and gold which could with sunset vie; Looking on them He loved them, - they were still

Too beautiful to die!

It is the morning land of the Ideal,
Where smiles, transfigured to the raptured sight,
The joy whose flitting semblance now we see;
Where we shall know as visible and real
Our life's deep aspiration, old yet new
In the sky splendor of Alcyone.

What lies beyond we ask not. In that hour
When first our feet that shore of beauty press,
It is enough of heaven, its sweet success,
To find our own. Not yet we crave the dower
Of grander action and sublimer power;
We are content that life's long loneliness
Finds in love's welcoming its rich redress,
And hopes, deep hidden, burst in perfect flower.

Thrilled by His quickening gaze, each leaf renewed

Its life, and floated buoyantly along;
Its beauty put forth wings, and as it soared

Its gladness grew to song.
Thus from the red-stained oak the robin came,

The cardinal-bird the maple's splendors bore, The yellow-bird the willow's faded gold

In living plumage wore. Even the pale-brown leaves the pageant joined,

Sparrow and lark awakened to rejoice, And though they were less fair, He gave to them

The more melodious voice.

Wait for me there, O loved of many days!
Though with warm beams some beckoning planet

Its dawning triumphs keep, to share with me;
For soon, far winging through the starry maze,
Past fields of ether, crimson, violet, rose,
I follow, follow, to Alcyone!

Since then the birds close kinship with the trees

Have ever kept, and build the yearly nest Beneath the fragrant shelter of the boughs,

As on a mother's breast.


1. AMONG the thousand, thousand spheres that roll, Wheel within wheel, through never-ending space, A mighty and interminable race, Yet held by some invisible control, And led as to a sure and shining goal, One star alone with still, unchanging face, Looks out from her perpetual dwelling-place, Of these swift orbs the centre and the soul.

RAINBOW. Bridge of enchantment! for a moment hung Between the tears of earth and smiles of heaven

- The Rainboro,
Is it that Nature calls us

Her service of peace to share,
After the song the silence,
After the praise the prayer ?

- The Vigil of the Year,

Earth yields her beauty to the morning light,
But heaven itself is opened to the night.

- Mount Hamilton,

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