Select Lower and Middle Devonian Phacopidae (Trilobita) of Southern Morocco

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University of Alberta (Canada), 2006 - Paleontology - 241 pages
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Trilobites of the family Phacopidae occur throughout the Lower and Middle Devonian strata of southern Morocco. This region is renowned for its large numbers of articulated trilobites with preservation matched by few other localities. In this study, select phacopids from a number of lithologies are described, and subjected to cladistic analyses in order to assess their relationships. New species or subspecies are named within Phacops and two proposed new genera, including: Phacops araw, New genus A kermiti, N. g. A salamandar, N. g. A speculator punctatus, New genus B ovatus, and N. g. B forteyi. Additionally, the new species Boeckops stelcki and Reedops pembertoni are described, and considered alongside recently published taxa including N. g. B granulops, N. g. A smoothops, and N. g. B lebesus (C HATTERTON et al., 2006). The cladistic analyses performed here impact many of the genera and subgenera of Devonian phacopids, and their higher-level taxonomy.

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