Vile Acts of Evil: Banking in America, Volume 1

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Mike Kirchubel, Jul 4, 2009 - History - 426 pages
This book is not what you think. "Vile Acts of Evil - Banking in America" does not discuss your bank's usurious interest rates or ridiculous fees - irritants you know too well - and the title reflects neither joke nor hyperbole. This is the story of money, greed, and power in America. If you dare continue, you will soon realize, that the vast underbelly of our American history - the recessions, depressions, panics, and wars - the enormous amount of needless human turmoil, suffering, and carnage - the millions of wasted lives over hundreds of years - are but byproducts of extremely wealthy bankers seeking further wealth - mere corporate externalities, like black smoke stack soot, not worthy of a bookkeeping entry. Truly, Vile Acts of Evil.

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I had a few minutes to take a cursory look. It appears a good research, with the huge deficiency of not naming The Pilgrims Society as the creators and owners of the FED, and that ancestors of members were all over both the First and Second United States Banks! It's the same crucial info missed by G. Edward Griffin in his book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island.," missed by Eustace Mullins, et al. 

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The same old, same-old, run of the mill regurgitation of other book-peddlers' regurgitation; fake quotes blamed on Jefferson, fabricated quotes blamed on others
As usual with these people this
Kirchubel never had the courage to read Jefferson's, Jackson's or anybody else's collected papers to familiarize himself with the views of these historical figures; he has never seen a primary source; instead of reading what Franklin wrote, this guy read what someone else wrote or fabricated about Franklin
Citing Sarah Emery's booklet as some kind of historical source truely reveals Kurchebel's lack of knowledge on the subject


How Benjamin Franklin Caused the Revolutionary
The First Bank of the United States
One Nation Under Debt
Fractional Reserve Banking
The Rothschilds
The Second Bank of the United States
Andrew Jacksons Epic Battle against Evil
The Panic of 1857
Lincolns Two Wars
The National Banking Act The Way We Make Money
The Reign of Tight Money The Contraction Act The Credit Strengthening Act of 1869 The Refunding Act of 1870 The Coinage Act of 1873 The R...
Americas War with Spain
The Panic of 1907
The Abortion is Born
So Whats Wrong with the Federal Reserve?

Bank Notes vs Government Notes

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