A Course of Lectures, Upon the Materia Medica, Antient and Modern. Read in the Physick Schools at Cambridge, ... By R. Bradley, ...

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Cha. Davis, 1730 - 170 pages

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Page 17 - Vigani may have been a little more credulous in matters outside his laboratory experience and more willing to speculate. Thus Bradley says : ' . . . . Vigani endeavours to prove Gold to be a Vegetable in the Earth, and that like a Tree it has a Trunk, Root, Boughs, &c. In his own words I give it, viz Whether it is not like a Coal-Mine, which begins, like a little Plant, to spread itself, and by Degrees increasing and extends itself into Branches ; so that, as some of the Colliers have informed him,...
Page 172 - Italy, from the year 1492 to the year 1506; with an Appendix of Original Pieces, referred to in the work. By Alexander Gordon.
Page 171 - London. || with the LIFE of the AUTHOR and an INTRODUCTION. || To which is added, || Part of a JOURNAL of a Voyage to JAPAN, made by the English in the Year 1673.
Page 172 - Journey thro' moft of the Counties of Scotland, and thofe in the North of England, Illuftrated with 66 Copper plates, and I Map, by Alex.
Page 171 - State and Government of that Empire of its temples, palaces, castles and other buildings ; of its metals, minerals, trees, plants, animals, birds, and fishes ; of The Chronology and succession of the Emperors, Ecclesiastical and secular ; of The original Descent, Religions, Customs and Manufactures of the Natives, and of their Trade and Commerce with the Dutch and Chinese. Together with a description of the Kingdom of Siam written in High Dutch.
Page 174 - The History of the Rise and Fall of Masaniello, the Fisherman of Naples, containing An Exact and Impartial Relation of the Tumults and Popular Insurrections, that happened in that Kingdom, (in the Year 1647.) on Account of the Tax upon Fruits.
Page 172 - Scotland to Eugene v. As also a short Account of the kings, dukes, and earls of Bretagne, till that dukedom was united to the crown of France, ending -with the year of our Lord 68, in which are several pieces of Taliessin, an...
Page 173 - Additions to the firit two Volumes, never before publifh'd. The whole beautifully printed on a fine Paper, and fold for 3 s.
Page 171 - FRS and Member" of the College of Phyficians, London; with the Life of the Author, and an Introduction. To which is add«d, fi.
Page 172 - The Hiftory of Great Britain. from the -firft Inhabitants thereof, till the Death of Cadu-^Hader.

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