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frica, for Lud is commonly translated Lybians ;

Tubal and Javan lie to the north, the former being commonly reckoned the Scythians or Tari tars, the latter the Grecians; the Illes afar off, usually denote the western regions of the world'. The excellent spirit and great success of the Jewish missionaries, in propagating the gospel, is represented by a significant metaphor, Micah v. 7." And the remnant of Jacob shall be in " the midst of many people, as a dew from the “ Lord, as the showers upon the grass, that tar“ rieth not for man, nor waiteth for the sons of 6 men.” As the dew descends in abundancewithout noise-in its season, not regarding the desires or aversions of men- to make the earth fruitful in those productions that are necessary


(1) When we compare this verse, with that immedie ately following, “ And they (the Gentiles) shall bring 6 your brethren for an offering unto the Lord,” &c. We see that the two events last mentioned, are accomplishing at the same time. The Jews fend missionaries to all the nations from Judea, and the nations send back to Judca fuch of the Jews as are dispersed among them, and have not yet joined their brethren: The providence of God seems to have appointed this twofold communication, betwixt the Jews and Gentiles, in the latter days, that the great arguments for revealed religion arising from the completion of prophecy, may be more extensively known, and more deeply impressed on the hearts of mankind, for their eternal falvation.

for the life and happiness of man; fo the Jews directed by the Spirit of God, shall liberally and extensively diffuse a knowledge of the truth; in all humility, without pride or babbling; independent of the approbation or disapprobation of man ; to make those whom they instruct, fruitful in holiness, in order to their eternal happiness'.


(1), By.comparing this verse with that immediately fol. lowing, "and the remnant of Jacob shall be as a lion,” &c. we learn the concurrence of this event, with the third mentioned, as a consequent of the battle of Armageddon.


Of the Millennium.

THE united influence of these several events

1 produces a great revolution, a universal change in the religion and morals of mankind. Any revolution is in prophetic phrase an earthquake; forasan earthquake alters theappearance of the natural world, a revolution changes the face of the political or moral world. But this is called " a great earthquake, luch as was not since men 16 were upon the earth, fo mighty an earthquake, « and so great," Rev. xvi. 18. The strongest bulwarks of the kingdom of Satan are overturn. ed by it. " Every island fled away, and the “ mountains were not found," ver. 10. The renovation of mankind is so great and extensive that it is called " new heavens and a ncw earth,” Isa. Ixv. 17. ; chap. lxvi. 22. ; 2 Peter iii. 13. ; Rev. xxi. 1.

This revolution, on account of its continuing a thousand years, is commonly termed by the writers on the Apocalypse, The Millennium.



The Confinement of Satan.

An uncontroverted character of this period is, the confinement of Satan. « And I saw an “ angel come down from heaven, having the • key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain " in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, so that old serpent, which is the Devil and Sa. 5 tan, and bound him a thousand years; and o cast him into the bottomless pit, and fhut him “ up, and set a feal upon him, that he should " deceive the nations no more, till the thousand 6 years should be fulfilled ; and after that he “ must be loofed a little season;" Rey, xx. 1, 2, 3.

It is customary among men to confine great offenders, particularly such as contrive plots against the state, to the strongest prisons, to load them with irons, and, among the ancients, the door, when locked, was sealed for further fecu. rity. So, when Daniel was put into the lions den, the stone that covered it was sealed “ with “ the king's signet, and those of his lords ;” Dan. vi. 17. In allusion to these customs, Satan is represented as seized, bound and imprisoned,


the door as locked and sealed, to intimate, that an effectual restraint shall be laid on him during this period. Perhaps this restraint may be an actual confinement in the abyss which the Devil and his angels dread, as appears from their beseeching our Lord that he would not command them to go to the deep, Luke viii. 31. But whatever restraint is laid on in the in vifible world, it can only appear to the eye of sense in the effects resulting from it.

The great advantage arising from the restraint laid on Satan is, that he cannot deceive the nations during the Millennium. This implies the removal of those obstacles which lie in the way of propagating the gospel. At present, the dif. ficulties are insurmountable. In Popish countries, the Scriptures are carefully taken out of the hands of the people, lest they should judge for themselves; and others are prevented from giving them instruction, by the terrors of fire and faggot. In most Mahometan, and in some Pagan nations, an attempt to convert the sub. jects to the Christian faith, is punishable with death. Now, so much violence, in opposition to a religion which breathes nothing but peace and love, can only proceed from the delusions of Satan. When he is restrained, these are re. moved, and the gospel shall have free course and be glorified

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