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American Phrenological Journal and

Miscellany. Circulation, 20,000 copies. A year, . .' . $1 00 A Home for All; or, a New, Cheap,

Convenient, and Superior Mode of Building, Amativeness; or, Evils and Remedies

of Excessive and Perverted Sexuality, with Advice, . A Manual for Magnetizing with the

Magnetic Machine, for the Treatment of Disease, . .. Botany for all Classes ; Containing a

Floral Dictionary, with more than One Hundred Illustrations, Combe's Lectures on Phrenology. By

George Combe. A complete course. With Illustrations, 1 00 Constitution of Man, considered in Re

lation to External Objects. Revised and enlarged edition, . Combe's Physiology, applied to the Im

provement of Mental and Physical Education, - . . . Combe on Infancy; or, the Physiologi

cal and Moral Management of Children. Illustrated, .' Consumption, its Prevention and Cure,

by the Water Treatment. By Joel Shew, M.D., . . . Chronic Diseases, especially the Nery

ous Diseases of Women. Dy D. Rosch, Curiosities of Common Water. With

Additions by Joel-Shew, M.D. From the 6th London edition, Cholera ; its Causes, Prevention, and

Cure; and all other Bowel Complaints, treated by Water, Chemistry, Applied to Physiology,

riculture, and Commerce. By Professor Liebig, • .



Chart, for Recording various Develop

ments. Designed for Phrenologists, . . Defence of Phrenology. By Dr. An

drew Boardman. A good work for skeptics and unbelievers, · Education Complete. Embracing Phy

siology, Animal and Mental, Self-Culture, and Memory, · Education, founded on the Nature of

Man. By Dr. Spurzheim. A scientific work, · · · · Familiar Lessons on Phrenology. De

signed for the use of Children and Youth, • . . . Food and Diet : Containing an Analy

sis of every kind of Food and Drink. By Professor Pereira, . Fascination, or the Philosophy of

Charming. (Magnetism.) Illustrating the Principles of Life, Familiar Lessons on Astronomy : De

signed for Children and Youth in Schools and Families,

Familiar Lessons on Physiology. De

signed for the use of Children and Youth,. . . . Hereditary Descent : its Laws and

Facts applied to Human Improvement. New edition, . . Human Rights, and their Political

Guaranties. By Judge Hurlbut. With Notes by George Combe Hydropathy for the People, with Ob

"servations on Drugs, Diet, Water, Air, Exercise, etc., · .. Love and Parentage : applied to the

Improvement of Offspring, · · · · · Lectures on the Philosophy of Mesmer

ism and Clairvoyance, with Instruction in its Process, . . Moral and Intellectual Science. By

Combe, Stratton, Cox, Gregory, and others. Illustrated : Maternity: or, the Bearing and

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Mesmerism in India. A Superior

work, by the celebrated Dr. Esdaile, · · ·'. Marriage : its History and Philosophy,

with an Exposition of the Functions of Happy Marriages : Matrimony: or, Phrenology and Physi

ology applied to the Selection of Companions for Life, Natural Laws of Man, Physiologically

Considered. By Dr. Sperzheim. A good work, Phrenology Proved, Illustrated, and A

plied. Thirty-seventh edition, in muslin, Physiology, Animal and Mental : 1

plied to Health of Body and Power of Mind, Power of Kindness; Inculcating the

Christian Principles of Love over Physical Force, . .. Popular Phrenology, exhibiting the

Phrenological Developments of more than fifty persons, . Physiology of Digestion, considered

with Relation to the Principles of Dietetics. Illustrated. Psychology, or the Science of the Soul.

With Illustrations of the Brain and Nervous System, . . Phrenological Guide : Designed for the

Use of Students of their own Characters, . . . Phrenological Almanac: illustrated with

numerous Engravings. A handsome Annual, Religion, Natural and Revealed : or the

Natural Theology and Moral Bearings of Phrenology, . Self-Culture and Perfection of Charac

ter, including the Management of Youth, · · · · Symbolical Head and Phrenological

Chart, in Map Form, showing the Language of the Organs, . Sober and Temperate Life : with Notes

and Illustrations by John Burdell, . . Self-Instructor in Phrenology and

Physiology. Illustrated with One Hundred Eugravings, .

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With a la roda tiga by Mrs Kirsland Lustrated . .

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131 Nassau st, New York.

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