Caesar's Helvetian War

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Macmillan, 1892 - Gaul - 112 pages
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Page 83 - A relative pronoun agrees with its antecedent in gender, number, and person, but not in case.
Page 116 - The Greek Elegiac Poets.— FROM CALLINUS TO CALLIMACHUS. Selected and Edited by Rev. HERBERT KYNASTON, DD, Principal of Cheltenham College, and formerly Fellow of St.
Page 114 - ILIAD. BOOK XVIII. THE ARMS OF ACHILLES. Edited by SR JAMES, MA, Assistant-Master at Eton College. [Ready. ODYSSEY. BOOK I. Edited by Rev. JOHN BOND, MA and AS WALPOLE, MA [Ready. Horace.— ODES. BOOKS I.— IV. Edited by TE PAGE, MA, late Fellow of St.
Page 116 - Horace. — SELECTIONS FROM THE SATIRES AND EPISTLES. Edited by Rev. WJV BAKER, MA, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge ; Assistant-Master in Marlborough College.
Page 114 - THE HANNIBALIAN WAR. Being part of the XXI. and XXII. BOOKS OF LIVY adapted for Beginners. By GC MACAULAY, MA THE SIEGE OF SYRACUSE. Being part of the XXIV. and XXV. BOOKS OF LIVY, adapted for Beginners. With Exercises. By G. RICHARDS, MA, and Rev. AS WALPOLE, MA LEGENDS OF ANCIENT ROME.
Page 118 - Invasion is a very useful combination of a reading book and an exercise book for beginners It is furnished with an excellent map of Britain as known to the Romans, and with two vocabularies, — English and Latin, and Latin and English. At the beginning of each chapter is wisely given a summary of the sense ; this will be found a great help to beginners. The notes are admirable, — short, to the point, and very practical.
Page 118 - MA THE INVASION OF BRITAIN. Being Selections from Books IV. and V. of The Gallic War. Adapted for Beginners. With Exercises. By W. WELCH, MA, and CG DUFFIELD, MA SCENES FROM BOOKS V.
Page 118 - War," arranged for the Use of Beginners. With Notes, Vocabulary, and Exercises. 18mo. 4O cents. Educational News: "By far the most remarkable novelty in this book is the manner in which the text is arranged in the first twenty-nine chapters. Teachers, as a rule, find a difficulty in initiating pupils into the reading of Caesar, which is, in almost all cases, the first Latin author read after the accidence has been mastered. This difficulty hae, we venture to say, been obviated in this book by each...
Page 115 - WALPOLE, MA Anabasis. Book I., Chapters 1 to 8. By EA WELLS. With Exercises. Selections from Book I. of the Anabasis. By W. WELCH, MA, and CG DUFFIELD, MA Anabasis. Book III. Edited by the Rev.
Page 115 - Aeneid. Book II. Edited by TE PAGE, MA Aeneid. Book III. Edited, with Notes and Vocabulary, by TE PAGE, MA 18mo. Aeneid. Book IV. Edited by TE PAGE, MA Aeneid. Book V. Edited by Rev. A.

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