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Page 179 - Upon the hill they have a large square house, with a flat roof, made of thick sawn plank, stayed with oak beams, upon the top of which they have six cannons, which shoot iron balls of four and five pounds, and command the surrounding country. The lower part they use for their church, where they preach on Sundays and the usual holidays.
Page 128 - So they left that goodly and pleasant city, which had been their resting-place near twelve years ; but they knew they were PILGRIMS, and looked not much on those things, but lifted up their eyes to the heavens, their dearest country, and quieted their spirits.
Page 358 - The traders whom your first ships left on our shore, to traffic till their return, were cherished by us as the apple of our eye : we gave them our daughters for their wives ; among those whom you have murdered were children of your own blood.
Page 115 - Being now come into the Low Countries, they saw many goodly and fortified cities, strongly walled and guarded with troops of armed men. Also, they heard a strange and uncouth language, and beheld the different manners and customs of the people, with their strange fashions and attires; all so far differing from that of their plain country villages (wherein they were bred and had so long lived) as it seemed they were come into a new world.
Page 189 - First actually possessed or inhabited by any other Christian Prince or State, * or were within the Bounds, Limits or Territories of the...
Page 121 - Lord,) considering, amongst many other inconveniences, how hard the country was where we lived, how many spent their estate in it and were forced to return for England, how grievous to live from under the protection of the State of England, how like we were to lose our language and our name of English...

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