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Page 48 - Commission, on or before the 31st day of July and on or before the 31st day of January in each year, reports covering the periods of 6 months ending on the 30th day of June and the 31st day of December, respectively, next prior to said dates.
Page 50 - ... shall be paid into the Bank of England, to the credit of an account to be opened by the governor and company of the Bank of England, to be intituled "The Account of the Secretary of State in Council of India...
Page 41 - Ships from every part of the world crowd our ports in search of produce which we have or could obtain in the interior, but which at present we cannot profitably fetch to them, and new markets are opening to us on this side of the globe under circumstances which defy the foresight of the wisest to estimate their probable value, or calculate their future extent.
Page 48 - Interior as aforesaid within ninety days after the 30th day of June and the 31st day of December in each year a...
Page 51 - Council in that behalf, with a fractional part for any broken half-year, the rate of interest which shall be used in calculating such annuity being determined by the average rate of interest during the preceding two years received in London upon public obligations of the East India Company and...
Page 11 - State ; but a very few years will make it, if neglected, a glaring reproach to the Government, and to the faith which it will, however ignorant and vicious, nominally profess. On the other hand, if cared for betimes, it will become a source of strength to British rule, and of usefulness to India.
Page 47 - Governor-General ; and such rules shall prescribe the mode of promulgation and authentication of such laws and regulations : Provided always, that it shall be lawful for the Secretary of State in Council to disallow any such rule, and to render it of no effect.
Page 41 - Great tracts are teeming with produce they cannot dispose of. Others are scantily bearing what they would carry in abundance if only it could be conveyed whither it is needed. England is calling aloud for the Cotton which India does already produce in some degree, and would produce, sufficient in quality and plentiful in quantity, if only there were provided the fitting means of conveyance for it from distant plains to the several ports adopted for its shipment.
Page 7 - ... camp equipage and equipments whatsoever, at the lowest rate for the time being chargeable for the carriage of such animals, goods and merchandise, the several privileges of conveyance and carriage stipulated for being at all times to be used and enjoyed in preference to and priority over the public use of the said line of railway for conveyance and carriage.
Page 47 - ... proceedings, including full and true minutes of all their meetings, meetings of directors, communications with India, and correspondence, so as at all times to exhibit fully and truly the state of their affairs ; and...

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