The spirit of prayer, selected and compiled by herself from portions on that subject in her published volumes

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Page iii - Knowing that shortly I must put off this my tabernacle, " I will endeavour that you may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance.
Page 46 - by that internal evidence which is perhaps paramount to all other evidence, the comfort he himself has received from prayer, when all other comforts have failed; and, above all, to end with the same motive with which we began, the only motive indeed which he requires for the performance of any
Page 133 - herself at the child's expence, by loading the memory of a little creature on occasions in which far other faculties should be put in exercise. Children themselves should be made to furnish a good part of this extemporaneous commentary by their answers; in which answers they will be much assisted by the judgment the teacher uses in her manner of
Page 135 - Every head of prayer is founded on some great scriptural truths, which truths the little analysis here suggested will materially assist to fix in their minds. On the knowledge that " God is," that he is an infinitely holy Being, and that " he is the rewarder of all them that diligently seek him,
Page 43 - A Christian knows, because he feels, that prayer is, though in a way to him inscrutable, the medium of connection between God and his rational creatures, the method appointed by Him to draw down his blessings upon us. The Christian knows that prayer is the appointed means of uniting two ideas, one of the highest
Page 163 - spiritualizes the social affections, by adding intercessory to personal prayer: for he knows that petitioning for others is one of the best methods of exercising and enlarging our own love and charity, even if it were not to draw down those blessings which are promised to those for whom we ask them.
Page 131 - by one, each of its short but weighty sentences; to amplify and spread them out for the purpose of better understanding them, not in their most extensive and critical sense, but in their most simple and obvious meanings; for in these condensed and substantial
Page 143 - the hardships of a religious Sunday are often so pathetically pleaded, as making one of the heavy burdens of religion ; and as the friends of religion are so often called upon to mitigate its intolerable rigours, by recommending pleasant employment, might not such an exercise as has been here suggested assist, by varying its occupations, to lighten its
Page 119 - if we must not slacken our zeal in doing good, so we must not be remiss in opposing evil, on the flimsy ground that God has permitted evil to infest the world. If it be his will to permit sin, it is an opposition to his will when we do not labour to counteract it. This surrender,
Page 142 - they have lying ready in their minds the materials with which they are at length called upon to work. Their judgment must be set about selecting one, or two, or more texts, which shall contain the substance of every specific head of prayer before noticed; and it will be a farther exercise to

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