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build upon no Authority buli Scripture) and they serve to prove, that the Jews were never fo deserted by Heaven, as to have no Spiritual Teachers, though their Number was

fmall in Comparisor of the Scribes, Pharifees and Lawyers, who ruled the People, and dičiaied their Creed and sense of the Scriptures, as the only Masters and Popes in Israel. And what their teaching was, is Fully shewn in the Gospel. The Cabala was for the moji Part, found and good, adopted by the early Christians, by Clemens of Alexandria, by Origen so much admired by Erasmus and the celebrated Daniel Huet, by Macarius, and in various Parts by Jerome: The Homilies of Macarius contain the best Treasure of i be ancient Way of spiritualizing the Figures of the Law for their evangelical Completion in Chriftians, which is left to the Church.

Another Obječiion may be formed on this Part, that, if the Blood of Christ be confidered as the Medium, the Principle and

Cause of new and immortal Bodies, it is not so honoured and glorified as in the Viere of an Atonement or Expiation. This Objection is the Pillar of false Religion, and therefore


it has innumerable Mouths to speak for i, and as marry Hands to fight againsi, and to destroy others for its Sake. However dungerous it be, _and invidious aija to optiese this corrupt Notion of Atonen.ent, I bear Testimony against it. The Truth is equally glorious,, because Christ alone is the Root and Fountain of a new. Spirit and Temple of Glory in that Blood : And, except in this View, the Blood of our Saviour could be only confidered as a Proof of his perfect Integrity, and of the greatest Submission to God, as the Socinians have maintained, and Dr. Sykes too in nearly the same Light ist bis Book on the scripture Doctrine of the Redemption. Whereas, if it be the heavenly Matter, the one Principle of Immortality and Incorruption as to Body, equal Glory, Gratitude and Thanksgiving are due to his jusëring Love for our Soke and Advantage. It vigy

le proper to read in this Place what has beciz jusid in. Page 57, of our Lord's Death and Pasion, where the Grounds and Reasons for it are proved from the Scripture only.Now, the absolute Necesiíy of his Blood for our Redemption is supported, and the Uizbeleiver cannot prove the contrary; nay, it


Shews the utter Impossibility of Salvation, but through his Blood, as the spiritual Body cannot be formed without it; and it is the most peculiar Doctrine of the Gospel, to reveal the Necessity of spiritual Bodies, and him, who creates them, for the Life and enjoyment of the Heavens.---The false and deceitful Notion of Atonement and Expiation in the common Way of conceiving it, is removed; to which more carelessness, false Confidence of divine Favour and Acceptance, more Sins and Antinomian Licentiousness must be afcribed, than to all the other Parts of the corrupted Gospel. These Conceptions sprung from heathen Superstitions on their piacular Sacrifices, which Popery adopted and grafted on the blessed Truths of Christianity.

For a full Confutation of all Objections from the Danger of limited Punishments, I refer to that masterly Writer, the celebrated Jeremiah White, once a rigid calvinistical Predestinarian, when Chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, but afterwards enlightened with true Knowledge of the Gospel, both in the inner Ground, and in the Extent of Redemption, which he has so elegantly and clearly opened in bis Book on the Restitution of all


Things. And let me add the last -ingenious Pen on this Glory of divine Love, the Rev. Mr, Stonehouse of Bristol, in his Letters on universal Restitution, not long since published by Mr. Dodsley.

As (o) to the Peace of the Church being disturbed by new Opinions, though scriptural and true ; to this Cry of Bigots I say, if Truths diflurb it, it ought to hear them, The

Sense of the Church is not a Rule, but a Thing ruled. The Church is bound

unto Reason and Scripture, and governed or by them, as much as any particular Per

fon.Most certainly it is ; and this Plea and Pretence of not disturbing the Peace of it, will support all Errors and Superstitions alike : And, though every particular Church has the Pride of claiming the Chair of Infallibility, and of pure and uncorrupt Doctrine, yet the Contrariety and Opposition of their Tenets and Creeds, proclaim the shameful Vanity of this Popish pretence. (p) Let God be true, and every Man a Liar; let the Voice of Christ be infallible, and every . other Voice whatever silbinit to fuller Know


(0) Whichcoti's Aphor. 902.

(2) Rom. iii. 4.

ledge of the Mystery of our Saviour, when the holy Spirit poureth it forth on any Men, on Shepherds or Fishermen, who have no Name or Dignity in Church or State.---I Jhall now beg leave to offer a few Dire&tions to my Renders. The first is, to read Nordly and leisurely, and not to pass over any PafJages, because they may be at first difficult to understand ; for what follows will often throw Light on what went before. And indeed, the whole Service of the Temple was connected together, as one continual Figure, where one Part explained and corfirmed the other. And let not such a deliberate Perufal be thought too much, since many Volumes are read, and 12uch Time beFlowed to arrive at the Knowledge of one Book, either of tbe Law or Gospel. Ought cny one to expect, that the deep and dark Things of "ibe Laro; or the Myfieries of the Kingdom of Christ, be iinderfisod without previous Confideration, or fuck firong Defire and earnest Love for it, as (q) David

jhezwed, who made the Law his Study, Day and Night; ord which the Apostle enjoins,


(9) Ps, i. 2.

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