Memoirs of his own life, by sir James Melville ... M.D.XLIX-M.D.XCIII [ed. by T. Thomson].

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Page xviii - Memoirs of Sir James Melvil of Hall-hill, containing an Impartial Account of the Most Remarkable Affairs of State during the Last Age, not mentioned by other Historians ; more particularly Relating to the Kingdoms of England and Scotland under the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, and King James, In all which Transactions the Author was Personally and Publicly Concerned.
Page xxvi - ... his son, there occurs this significant passage, which I have never seen quoted, but which appears to me very decisive against the authenticity of the Ainslie Legend : " Had I not more regarded my Princess, her interest than mine own, I should have accepted the large offers made to me by the Earl of Bothwell, when he desired me to subscribe, with the rest of his flatterers, that paper wherein they declared it was her Majesty's interest to marry the said Earl; but I chose rather to lay myself open...
Page 203 - I loue yow hartly, and therefore can not forbear to schaw yow how that all your vprycht dealing and your honest trauell wilbe in vain, wher ye beleue to obtean a weall for our Quen at the Quen of Englandis handis. Ye bot tyn your tym ; for first they will neuer meit togither, and nyst ther will neuer be bot discembling and secret hattreut for a whyll, and at length captyuite and vtter wrak for our Quen be England.
Page xvii - ... Reasons inducing me to be so much concerned in the promoting this Affair, submitting very willingly, the grounds prompting me hereto, to your most narrow scrutiny, whether in so doing I act Rationally or not? Having at London in the year 1679, the opportunity of frequent converse with several [2] Substantial and Judicious Gentlemen concerned in the American Plantations, I had thereby the opportunity of understanding thorougly the great advantage redounding to that City from Undertakings of this...
Page 122 - Ye think gene ye wer maried, ye wald be bot Quen of England, and now ye ar King and Quen baith ; ye may not fuffer a commander.
Page 148 - Huntly, wha baith efchaiped be louping down out of a window, towardis the litle garding wher the lyons are lugit. This vil act was done vpon a Satterday [the 9-] of [March] in the year [1565] about fex houres. When the Quen was at hir fupper in hir cabinet, a nomber of armed men entrit within the clofs before the clofing of the getis, and tok the keyes from the porter. Ane part of them...
Page 158 - Majesté was in gret merines and dancing efter supper ; bot sa schone as the secretary Cicill roundit the newes in hir ear of the prince birth, all merines was layed asyd for that nycht ; every ane that wer present...

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