The Chorographical Description Or Survey of the County of Devon: Printed from a Genuine Copy of the Original Manuscript, with Considerable Additions

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Rees and Curtis, Plymouth, 1811 - Devon (England) - 442 pages

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Page xi - Only two other copies known; one of which is in the British Museum and the other in the Hunterian Museum at Glasgow.
Page 225 - It maketh such an hideous noise, that being only heard, and not seen, it causeth a kind of fear to the passengers, seeming to them that look down to it, a deep abyss, and may be numbered amongst the wonders of this kingdom.
Page 281 - Gurney, was parish priest of the place, who, as the story of that town hath it, was admonished by a vision in his sleep, to set on the foundation of a bridge near a rock, which he should find rolled from the higher grounds upon the strand.
Page 401 - Baronet, one of the seven bishops sent to the Tower in the reign of James II. His son, Sir Harry Trelawny...
Page 235 - Nectan, who highly reverenced the man, and verily believed, that, through his merits, her husband had escaped shipwreck in a dangerous tempest.
Page 148 - Papers, 1660, p. 212; Gent. Mag. lii.69. Henry VIII., who derived his descent from the Norman baron of that name, a combatant on William's side at the battle of Hastings : but his connection with Robert Malet, one of the judges of the King's Bench in the reign of Edward I. cannot now be traced. The subject of this memoir was born about the year 1582, and took his legal degrees in the Middle Temple, entering that society on November 29, 1600, being called to the bar on November 7, 1606, and becoming...
Page 323 - ... esteemed to be of such sanctity that you may read of many miracles ascribed to her holiness in his book that penned her life."2 " The Hamlet of Stowford ... in this place was Hieritha, the patroness of Chittlehampton, born, who as the legend of her life makes mention, suffered the...
Page 282 - ... bridge near a rock which he should find rolled from the higher grounds upon the strand. This at first he esteemed as a dream ; yet, to second the same with some act, in the morning he went to see the place, and found a huge rock there fixed, whose greatness argued its being in that place to be only the work of God, which not only bred admiration but incited him to set forward so charitable a work.
Page 337 - I forbear to speak of his cow, his staff, his oak, his well, and his servant Abel : all which are lively represented in a glass window of that church, than which, you shall see few fairer of one roof."] TURKISH GUK IN ST.
Page 223 - The third is some acres of wood and trees, that are a fathom about, and yet no taller than a man may touch to top with his hand...

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