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With gold and gems if Chilian mountains glow,
If bleak and barren Cambria's hills arife,
There plague and poison, lust and rapine grow,
Here peaceful are the vales, and pure the skies,
And freedom fire the foul, and sparkles in the eyes.



Printed for J. Debrett, Piccadilly; and J.

EDWARDS, Pall Mall.
Sold also by W. H. Lunn, B. Flower, and J. Deighton,

Cambridge; Messrs. Binns, and Greenwood, Leeds;
and Messrs. Dyer, and TREWMAN, Exeter.


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AT a time fo peculiarly alarming to the affairs of this country, that every hour comes attended with some fresh calamity: when reason and juftice are suffering in the conflict of nations: when rapine and oppression are desolating the fairest regions of Europe : in short, when the common interests of humanity, when every dear and invaluable privilege, that can render society lovely and desirable, is

a 3 altogether altogether neglected or forgotten, and the happy re-union of liberty and tranquillity, more the object of our wishes than our expectations ; in such an eventful, but fatal, period of the political drama, the following letters may probably be considered as an intrusion upon the public attention, too much absorbed in the nice intrigues of the cabinet and the field, to unbend their thoughts to lighter pursuits, when the great scale of our political existence is in danger of sinking for ever.

Lest any such argument should be adduced against him, the author begs

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leave to make one observation, (viz.) That he has written neither for the statesman, the general, or the politie cian ; he is sensible, that from the nature of the subject, his little work will not be extended amongst a very large class of readers; the amusement of an individual was originally the fole object of the following letters, but he has ventured to make them public, under the hope that they may, in some measure, contribute to the satisfaction of those who have not seen, yet may wish to become familiar with, the outlines of a country, so dissimilar in every respect to England ; and to whom a slight sketch of the most


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