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You will perceive, my dear friend, that I have not entered into minute and particular descriptions—I have neither given you a detail of fieges, nor presented you with a genealogy half a mile long-I have not described a feast, nor filled up my pages with inscriptions from old tomb stones; but if you wilh to derive information on these heads, I refer you to the pompous descriptions of Young, and to the diffuse and voluminous work of Pennant. The world is doubtless indebted to the latter for his excellent history of Wales, but it is still a history, and has too much of the detail in it to afford me any gratification in the perusal.

I have studiously avoided dwelling upon any thing which bore an analogy, or resemblance to works of art, or unproductive ambition. To search out nature in all


her various forms, has constituted my chief delight; and to find her in her wildest attitudes, has proved to me the highest source of gratification and enjoyment.

I hope, and fully expect to see you very soon at Cambridge. My best wishes attend you, and believe me to be, with the utmost sincerity,

Your affectionate Friend,

I. H.


::. A P P EN DI X.

IT may not be unacceptable to some of my readers, to lay before them a few general observations with respect to this 'country. . . on Ocinecom

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Contents in Towns. Parishes, 9

square miles.
Caernarvonshire • 430 5 68
Denbighshire · · 670, 4. 57
Flintshire ... 250 ! 29. 28
Merionethshire • •.790 14 37
Montgomeryshire 860

Anglesea - . 180 2 594

23 311


The market towns in Caernarvonshire, are Carnarvon, Aberconway, Krekith, Pulhely, and Nevin. It has besides one city, Bangor.

In Denbighshire, are Denbigh, Ruthin, Wrexham, and Llanrost.

In Flintshire, Holywell, and Caerwis, with one city, St. Asaph. Flint has no market, but sends one member to Parlia. ment.

In Merionetkihire, are Harleigh, Dolgelle, Dinafmouthy, and Bala. {.

. . Montgomeryshire contains Montgomery, Llanvilling: Welshpool, Newtown, Machynleth, and Llanydfos...

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Anglesea hậs Beaumaris, and New. burgh. ir

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No. of square miles in Wales 7011
Ditto in North Wales .. 3180
Ditto in South Wales. ... 3831 :

The population of North and South Wales, are together estimated at about three hundred thousand souls, so that it will appear there are not upon the average, quite forty-three inhabitants to each square mile. I regret much that I have not been able to learn the exact propor*tion of population between North and South Wales; there is, however, no doubt that the latter has by much' the largest share. · The Ille of Anglesea contains fifteen thousand inhabitants, and has rather better than eighty three to each square mile; but it is the most populous

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