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duty, only forty pounds per annum. This cannot be considered as an adequate compensation, even for the labour; and adding the respectability and appearance of the profession, it is indeed contemptible and insignificant * Bala is situated upon the borders of a

* The following extract is a fingular confirmation of the above statement.

“ The curates of the undernamed places, were lately elected by the trustees of Mr. Stock’s liberal donation, to receive ten pounds each, viz. The curate of Llanfwrog, in Anglesea, 5 young

children, and 25l. per annum. Ditto of Beguiley and Bettus, Radnorshire, 9 young

children, 35l. per annum. Ditto of Michaelstone Vedow, Monmouthshire, 8

young children, 25l. per annum. Ditto of Llangadfan, Montgomeryshire, 6 young

children, 25l. per annum. Ditto of Ireby, in Cumberland, 8 young children,

251. per annum. Ditto of Llanvair, Monmouthshire, 4 young children,

131. per annum. Ditto of Burwarton and Wheathill, Shropshire, 7

young children, 30l. per annum. Ditto of Abernorlifh, Caermarthenshire, 8 young children, 18l. per annum.


large lake, eleven miles in circumference, and four and a half long. It abounds with pike, perch, trout, and other filh ; the country around is grand and sublime, but not interesting; stupendous mountains seem “ to mix their heads with dropping clouds,” but with respect to cultivation, or even verdure, they are entirely destitute; every necessary article of life is here more than commonly reasonable; fifty pound at Bala would go as far as an hun-' dred in most parts of England. We were yesterday much diverted with a curious political conversation carried on at the inn, in the room which we in part occupied, at a table by ourselves; at another, were The curate of Sebergham, Cumberland, 8 young chil

dren, 30l. per annum. The curate of Silian, Cardiganshire, 6 young chi

dren, 15l. per annum.

This valuable charity is annually given to ten poor curates who have large families; and reflects the higheft honour on the worthy donor."


feated the clergyman, the exciseman, the attorney, the apothecary, and I suppose, by his appearance, the barber of the place, &c. these were met upon business over a bowl of punch, which seemed to constitute the chief part of it; whilst in an opposite corner of the room, two more decent looking people were enjoying themselves in a similar manner. The clergyman gave aloud “ Church and King," as a toast, and soon after one of our neighbours at the other table, proposed " General Washington” to his friend; this created a great commotion amongst the large party; for the clergyman immediately standing up gave as his second toast “may all Demicrats be gullotind,when the other filling his glass, added, “ may all fools be gullotin'd, and then I knows who'll be the first;" after this ensued a violent and dreadful battle of tongues, in


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which these people excel in an extraordinary degree. The clergyman defended his toast, on the grounds that it shewed his zeal in a good cause, forgetting that it was necessary first to prove the merit of the sentiment, as united by him, and after that, to fhew that his zeal was best made known as a clergyman, by his benevolent and truly pious wilh. But majors and minors were things which this zealous and humane defender of his church and king had little regard for. The clamour at length became so loud, that we foon withdrew ourselves from the scene of contention, and left the combatants to settle the point in the best manner they could; though it seemed to me that it required more sophistry than the clergyman had displayed, and more wit than the other possessed, to justify or even excuse themselves. From hence the traveller imay


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easily visit the two Arrans, viz. Arran, Mowddwy, and Arran Penllyn, both of them of a stupendous size, but inferior to Snowdon, Cader Idris, or Paenmanmawr. We intend to proceed to-morrow as far as Llangollen; but I will not defer closing a letter which I have imperceptibly lengthened far beyond my original design; and believe me, my dear friend, that I subscribe myself with sincerity,

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