A Classical Dictionary: Containing a Copious Account of All Proper Names Mentioned in Ancient Authors, with the Value of Coins, Weights, and Measures Used Among the Greeks and Romans, and a Chronological Table

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J. Crissy, 1822 - Classical dictionaries - 754 pages

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Page 41 - ... drinks ; but rather of Hebe, cup-bearer to Jupiter, who was the daughter of Juno and wild lettuce, and who had the power of restoring gods and men to the vigor of youth.
Page 35 - The artists that had been employed in making the cave were all put to death by order of the tyrant, for fear of their revealing to what purposes a work of such uncommon construction was to be appropriated. His impiety and sacrilege were as conspicuous as his suspicious credulity. He took a golden mantle from the statue of Jupiter, observing that the son of Saturn had...
Page 17 - The Athenians have been admired in all ages for their love of liberty, and for the great men that were born among them ; but favour there was attended with danger ; and there are very few instances in the history of Athens that can prove that the jealousy and frenzy of the people did not persecute...
Page 25 - Sicha?us, to whom she had promised eternal fidelity. When all was prepared, she stabbed herself on the pile in presence of her people, and by this uncommon action obtained the name of Dido, valiant woman, instead of Elissa.
Page 41 - Dodona, where, with a human voice, they acquainted the inhabitants of the country that Jupiter had consecrated the ground, which in future would give oracles. The extensive grove which surrounded Jupiter's temple was endowed with the gift of prophecy, and oracles were frequently delivered by the sacred oaks, and the doves which inhabited the place.
Page 17 - He was present in an engagement in Asia, where he received a heavy wound, and hastened immediately out of the battle, and dropped down dead as soon as he had set down the king in a safe place. He was 30 years old when he died, and Alexander built a city which he called after his name.
Page 43 - The youths were entrusted to the public master as soon as they had attained their seventh year, and their education was left to the wisdom of the laws. They were taught early to think, to answer in a short and laconic manner, and to excel in sharp repartee.
Page 17 - Pegasus he triumphed in them all, till at length lobates, seeing that the hero was a special favorite of the gods, gave him his daughter in marriage and made him his successor on the throne. At last Bellerophon...
Page 43 - Jupiter visited the earth to punish their wickedness and impiety. He came to Arcadia, where he was announced as a god, and the people began to pay proper adoration to his divinity. Lycaon, however, who used to sacrifice all strangers to his wanton cruelty, laughed at the pious prayers of his subjects, and, to try the divinity of the god, he served up human flesh on his table.
Page 15 - ... held sacred. They only who had consulted his oracle, or had been delivered from a disease were permitted to bathe in it, after which they threw pieces of gold and silver into the stream. Those who consulted the oracle of Amphiaraus, first purified themselves, and abstained from food for...

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