Minna Von Barnhelm

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Charles E. Merrill Company, 1907 - 285 pages

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Page 291 - This textbook may be borrowed for two weeks, with the privilege of renewing it once. A fine of five cents a day is incurred by failure to return a book on the date when it is due. The Education Library is open from 9 to 5 daily except Saturday when it closes at 12.30.
Page 204 - Beyond the pomp of dress; for loveliness Needs not the foreign aid of ornament, But is when unadorned adorned the most.
Page 226 - If the accent of a word is not marked it is on the first syllable. If the plural of a noun is not indicated it is lacking. ( — ) and (') represent the first class strong declension with and without umlaut ; (-e) and ("e) the second class; (-er) and ("er) the third class; and (-n) or (-en) the weak declension.
Page 20 - These facts proved that those circumstances which the lion, gentleman had connected, though co-existent, did not stand to each other in the relation of cause and effect. But...
Page 287 - ... requirements of a complete class manual. The text is supplemented with introduction, critical opinions, bibliography, notes, and vocabulary ; the illustrations include a portrait of Schiller, a map of Vierwaldstatter See, and photographs of scenes in the drama. The vocabulary occupies 74 pages and will be found complete. The notes on each act are preceded by a synopsis of the act. They will be found to contain a wealth of material suggestive to the busy teacher. The critical comments' of nine...
Page 238 - ... def. art. the ; dem. pron. and adj. this, that, he, she, it ; rel. pron. who, which, that. bereinft
Page 268 - Scruta' pay ; allowance for expenses fet'jen tr. to set, put, place ; ref.. to sit down, be seated feuf 'jen intr. to sigh ber Scnf'jer (— ) sigh fid) indecl. refl. and recipr. pron. dot. and ace. sing, and pi. himself, herself, itself, themselves, yourself, yourselves ; each other, one another fi'djcr adj.
Page 288 - Der Neffe als Onkel" has been prepared at the request of Messrs. Maynard, Merrill, & Co., as a companion volume to their well-known edition of Schiller's Wilhelm Tell by Professor Richard A. von Minckwitz. At the suggestion of the publishers and with the kind permission of Professor von Minckwitz, the editor of "Der Neffe als Onkel" has taken the first section of the present Introduction — the sketch of Schiller's life up to the time of the poet's residence at Weimar — from the Introduction to...
Page 239 - French nobleman] burdj prep, (ace.), adv., sep. and insep. pref. through; during; by, by means of burdjiiolj'ren tr.

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