Socrates In Love (Manga): Yami no Matsuei

VIZ Media LLC, 11 de out de 2005 - 192 páginas
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The manga adaptation of the all-time best selling novel in Japan! Affectionately known as "Sekachu" in Japan, SOCRATES IN LOVE became a national sensation bringing innocent love and romance to the forefront of Japan's ultra-hip mass market. A sweet high school romance between an average guy and a beautiful girl has just gotten underway. But tragedy ensues when the girl falls ill with leukemia. A bittersweet tale of young love, enduring devotion, and heartbreaking loss, Socrates in Love is a story to cherish and nurture.

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Review: Socrates In Love

Comentário do usuário  - Me - Goodreads

I wanted to feel sad and depressed but it felt much to hollow. It's complicated to rate a high school love/lust/want figure out forever love, that should never make sense, and then death on the side. I just believe it highlighted why cremation is not a pretty picture. Ler resenha completa

Review: Socrates In Love

Comentário do usuário  - Emily - Goodreads

Two Japanese teenagers, Aki and Sakutaro, fall in love. Then Aki gets leukemia and dies. There is not much plot (but you never expect a Japanese novel to have too much plot); there is a lot of ... Ler resenha completa


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Kyoichi Katayama was born in 1959 in Ehime Prefecture and currently resides in Fukuoka. After graduating from Kyushu University, Katayama made his literary debut in 1986 with "Kehai" ("Sign"), which won the Bungakkai Newcomers Award. In addition to "Socrates in Love", Katayama's other works in Japanese include "John Lennon o Shinjiru na" ("Don't Believe in John Lennon"), "Mangetsu no Yoru", "Moby Dick ga" ("Night of the Full Moon", "Moby Dick"), and most recently "Moshimo Watashi ga, Soko ni Irunaraba" ("If I Were There"). "Socrates in Love" is Katayama's first work published in English.

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