Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, Describing Characters, Customs, Manners, Laws, and Productions of Nature and Art, Volume 1

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Page i - Travels in Europe, Asia and Africa, describing characters, customs, manners, laws and productions of nature and art; containing various remarks on the political and commercial interests of Great Britain, and delineating in particular a new system for the government and improvement of the british settlements in the East-Indies: begun in the year 1777 and finished in 1781.
Page i - Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa; describing Characters, Customs, Manners, Laws, and Productions of Nature and Art: containing various Remarks on the Political and Commercial Interests of Great Britain: and delineating, in particular, a New System for the Government and Improvement of the British Settlements in the East Indies: Begun in the Year 1777, and finished in 1781.
Page 321 - THEIR perfoiis are ftraight and elegant, their limbs finely proportioned, their fingers long and tapering, their countenances open and pleafant, and their features exhibit the moft delicate lines of beauty in the females, and in the males a kind of manly foftnefs.
Page 340 - A dofe of narcotic mixtures is then adminiftered for the laft time; and inftantly the perfon, whofe office it is, fets fire to the pile. • • • . / THUS the moft determined refolution of which we can form any conception, is found in the weaker fex, and in the foft climes of Afia.
Page 335 - They have been for ages, in the practice of ino-r culating for the fmall-pox; on which occafion, as well as on others, they have recourfe to the favourable mediation of charms, or fpells. ALTHoUGH the practice of Hindoo women burning themfelves on the funeral piles of their hufbands, and embracing in the mean time their dead bodies in their arms...
Page 324 - TRAVELS/* the inferior claffes are taught reading, writing, and arithmetic : the youth are taught, not within doors, but in the open air ; and it is a...
Page 328 - Ind:a where the inhabitants may not have an opportunity of warning away their fins. The Ganges, which rifes in the mountains of Thibet, with its different branches, runs through the kingdoms of Bengal, Bahar, and Orifla, and the upper provinces of Oude, Rohilcund, Agra.
Page 331 - Their perfons are delicately formed, gaudily decorated, and highly perfumed. By the continuation of wanton attitudes, they acquire, as they grow warm in the dance, a frantic lafcivioufnefs themfelves, and communicate, by a natural contagion, the moft voluptuous defines to the beholders.
Page 448 - This volcano exhibits an awful but beautiful profpect at night, when it vomits flames, and fills the furrounding heavens with particles of fire. Of the three mountains of Bourbon, this alone is barren and uninhabited. The mountain which is reputed the higheft, rifes in the centre of the ifland, and to the northward of it appears a ridge of hills, called the Falaifes, one fide of which, bold, abrupt, and fublime, forms a ftupendous precipice, in perpendicular heigh th EURoPE, ASIA, and AFRICA.
Page 336 - ... the women who declare their refolutions of burning, from carrying them into execution. Even the Brahmins do not encourage this practice. THE caufes which infpire Hindoo women with this defperate refolution, are, I imagine, the following : IN the firft place; as the wife has, from her earlieft infancy, been betrothed in marriage to her hufband, and from that time has never been permitted to fee another man ; as...

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