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On Tuesday, February 12, 1811.


this Kino-lajesty's Nighness the

My Lords, and Gentlemen, IN Execution of the Commission which has now

been read to you, we are commanded by His Royal Highness the Prince Regent to express, in the strongest Manner, how deeply He laments, not only in common with all His Majesty's loyal Sub: jects, but with a personal and filial Affliction, the great National Calamity which has been the Occasion of imposing upon His Royal Highness the Duty of exercising, in His Majesty's Name, the Royal Au. thority of this Kingdom.

In conveying to you the Sense which His Royal Highness entertains of the great Difficulties attending the important Trust which is reposed in Him, His Royal Highness commands us to assure you, that He looks with the most perfect Confidence to the Wisdom and Zeal of Parliament, and to the Attachment of a loyal and affectionate People, for the most effectual Assistance and Support; and His Royal Highness will, on His Part, exert His utmost Endeavours to direct the Powers with which He is invested, to the Advancement of the Prosperity, Welfare, and Security of His Majesty's Dominions.

We are directed to inform you that His Royal Highness has great Satisfaction in being enabled to


state, that fresh Opportunities have been afforded during the late Campaign, for distinguishing the Valour and Skill of His Majesty's Forces both by Sea and Land.

THE Capture of the Islands of Bourbon and of Amboyna have still further reduced the Colonial Dependencies of the Enemy.

THE Attack upon the Island of Sicily, which was. announced to the World with a presumptuous Anticipation of Success, has been repulsed by the persevering Exertions and Valour of His Majesty's Land and Sea Forces. i

The judicious Arrangement adopted by the Of. ficers commanding on that Station, derived material Support from the Zeal and Ardour which were manifested during this Contest by the Inhabitants of Sicily, and from the Co-operation of the Naval Means which were directed by His Sicilian Majesty to this Object.

In Portugal, and at Cadiz, the Defence of which constituted the principal Object of His Majesty's. Exertions in the last Campaign, the Designs of the Enemy have been hitherto frustrated. The consummate Skill, Prudence, and Perseverance of Lieutenant General Lord Viscount Wellington, and. the Discipline and determined Bravery of the Officers and Men under his Command, have been confpicuously displayed throughout the whole of the Campaign. The Effect of those distinguished Qualities, in inspiring Confidence and Energy into the Troops of His Majesty's Allies, has been happily evinced by their general good Conduct, and particularly by the brilliant Part which they bore in the Repulse of the Enemy at Buzaco. And His Royal Highness commands us further to state, that He trusts you will enable Him to continue the most


campaign. in inspur His Majeral good in they His

effectual Affistance to the brave Nations of the Peninsula, in the Support of a Contest which they manifest a Determination to maintain with unabated Perseverance, and His Royal Highness is persuaded; that you will feel, that the best Interests of the British Empire must be deeply affected in the Issue of this contest, on which the Liberties and Inde: pendence of the Spanish and Portuguese Nations entirely depend. • We have it likewise in Command to acquaint you, that Discussions are now depending between this Country and the United States of America ; and that it is the earnest Wish of His Royal Highness that He may find Himself enabled to bring these Discussions to an amicable Termination, consistent with the Honour of His Majesty's Crown, and the Maritime Rights and Interests of the United Kingdom.

Gentlemen of the House of Commons, WI are directed to acquaint you, that His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has given His Com. mands that the Estimates for the Expenditure of the current Year should be laid before you ; and His Royal Highness has great Satisfaction in aca quainting you, that although the Difficulties under which the Commerce of this Kingdom has laboured; have in some Degree affected a Part of His Majesty's Revenue, particularly in Ireland, yet that the Revenue of Great Britain in the last Year, though unaided by any new Taxation, is greater than was ever known in any preceding Year. And His Royal Highness trusts to your Zeal and Liberality to afford His Majesty adequate Supplies for the Support of the great Contest in which He is necessarily ene


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