Desde la guitarra armonía del flamenca, Volume 1

Front Cover
Acordes Concert, 2007 - Flamenco music - 206 pages
This book is aimed at all musicians who want to learn about flamenco harmony through the flamenco instrument par excellence, the guitar. Although flamenco has evolved from the singing, the guitar has unarguably been a decisive influence on the formation of its range of styles, creating an array of keys to be able to accompany the many textures of flamenco singing.
This book analyses 166 falsetas (cariations) from numerous eras, comprising a wide range of palos solea, tangos, bulerias, siguiriyas, fandangos and more from the most emblematic guitarists in the history of flamenco. It is not only a vital tool for understanding and transcribing the music of the great maestros of the genre but also provides clear, comprehensible explanations of flamenco composition. Countless classical composers have explored flamenco guitar harmony since the nineteenth century and incorporated some of its twists into their own music, including Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Ravel, Debussy, Albeniz, Turina, Falla and many more.

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