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THE following sermons, with one exception, were written for and preached to my parishioners in St. John's Church, Detroit. Some of them have appeared in full or in part in the Churchman, in the Detroit Free Press, and in other journals. I have been asked so often for copies that I have determined to put the sermons in permanent shape and form. I do this for the gratification of my parishioners, and also with a hope that what I have said on the subjects treated may incite others to speak on them. At best I have only touched upon the hem of several things. There is much more that can much better be said on Civic Christianity. It does not seem to me that it is necessary to mention the sources whence I have gotten a phrase or an idea; nor is it possible to do so. As these sermons were prepared under constant pressure of the administration of a parish, and without thought, at the time of the preparation of the majority of them, of publication, the sources were not noted. I wish, however, to make an acknowledgment to the Rev. Hugh Price Hughes, of London, England, for some thoughts in my sermon “ Christ and the Multitudes."


January, 1895.

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