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Bought the book after hearing interview on Charlie Rose forever ago.
Read it years ago, and lent it out to several people. Looking for a copy again, now that our PTA is looking for info and guidance
concerning the upcoming senate vote on DeVoss.
Fantastic coverage of the whole family. He really gets behind their story. A real tale of a strong and tight immigrant group who built community ties, creating a strong town through their Dutch church which supported itself well through a strong work ethic and a Dutch brand of austerity. From there, the family grew through the military and manufacturing during the postwar boom. Everything they were doing being very popular during an evangelistic, Christian awakening of the 70s and 80s, their next move was a lifestyle brand, which made good use of their manufacturing and sales ties, They founded Amway International, one of thee most famous multilevel corporations to date, along with other off shoot companies which took less heat when government ethics committees tried to prosecute. Always an insular family, and always in military, they naturally evolved from local politics to state politics. Post auto crisis, the families still held a lot of land which they increasing through Amway profits. White flight was at an all time high, and fears of incursion were real. It was natural that these military families than negotiated swaths of their land into military training environments for profit, and eventually into a privatised military force, Blackwater. This was a great time for the rise of privatised military since most of our engagements were cloak and dagger after WW2 ethics compromises. Protecting oil was as strong a rule for war and colonisation as it was since the Royal Dutch Company began, but we hadnt had such strong non-governmental forces since the 1890s. This truly is an epic tale! From successful pioneers, to politicians and auto entrepreneurs-- this is the American story! From pious Christian cults to pyramid schemes! The story is certainly not over yet!

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Extremely dry read. It doesnt even seem like the author is trying to tell you a story or teach you. Its like having a weird uncle read you the news. A super liberal, freedom hating uncle.

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way too much detail and boring informaton

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