Life of Robert Owen

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Ashmead & Evans, 1866 - Всего страниц: 264

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Стр. 61 - And Israel served the LORD all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders that overlived Joshua, and which had known all the works of the LORD, that he had done for Israel.
Стр. 46 - I think I may say, that of all the men we meet with, nine parts of ten are what they are, good or evil, useful or not, by their education.
Стр. 36 - ... wearing such cottons as I am now clothed in, you will bring your country into misery, which will consequently swarm with such unhappy malefactors as your present object is ; and the blood of every miserable felon that will hang, after this warning from the gallows, will lie at your doors. " ' And if you have any regard for the prayers of an expiring mortal, I beg...
Стр. 113 - ... we ought not to forget that there is an incessant and ever-flowing current of human affairs towards the worse, consisting of all the follies, all the vices, all the negligences, indolences, and supinenesses of mankind; which is only controlled, and kept from sweeping all before it, by the exertions which some persons constantly, and others by fits, put forth in the direction of good and worthy objects.
Стр. 243 - He looks to nothing less than to renovate the world, to extirpate all evil, to banish all punishments, to create like views and like wants, and to guard against all conflicts and hostilities.
Стр. 97 - ... Since, then, religion is the only foundation of our happiness here, and our hope- for eternity, we are anxious that it should form a prominent part in the education of your children. And here we would be distinctly understood. We are not desirous to see you proselyted to this or that form of religion, but we are anxious to see your children brought up sincere christians. The London proprietors, who are now present with you, (as well as our friend John Walker, now upon the continent,) though firm...
Стр. 243 - ... always a gentle bore in regard to his dogmas and his expectations ; always palpably right in his descriptions of human misery; always thinking he had proved a thing when he had asserted it, in the force of his own conviction ; and always really meaning something more rational than he had actually expressed.
Стр. 67 - My Lord Sidmouth will forgive me, for he knows I intend no personal offence. His dispositions are known to be mild and amiable ; but the Chief Civil Magistrate of the country, in such case, is far more guilty than the boy ; and, in strict justice, if a system of coercion and punishment be rational and necessary, he ought rather to have been double-ironed, and in the place of the boy.
Стр. 97 - Foster and myself are members of the Society of Friends ; Michael Gibbs is a member of the Established Church of England ; but we all agree with the Church of Scotland in the main truths of religion. We believe that the true Church of Christ consists of members of all visible churches, who, in the sincerity of their hearts are endeavouring to know and to perform the will of God, who are faithful to what is manifested to them to be their duty. These will be finally accepted whatever denomination they...
Стр. 66 - ... the character of rational beings. The first thus unhappily situated are the poor and the uneducated profligate among the working classes, who are now trained to commit crimes, for the commission of which they are afterwards punished. The second is the remaining mass of the population, who are now instructed to believe, or at least to acknowledge, that certain principles are unerringly true, and to act as though they were grossly false; thus filling the world with folly and inconsistency, and...

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